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Yesterday at 12.43pm, I ordered some fruits from The Fruit Hut. I was surprised that I was able to select the same day time slot 1 to 3pm for delivery! As I was going out to fetch my boys from school, of course i select the next time slot available at 3 to 5pm. 

When my door bell rang at 3pm, i was expecting the delivery of something else, but i was surprised to find the delivery guy holding a big carton of fruits! He told me to be careful as the fruits are heavy! Thank you Mr Fruits Delivery Man!

What did I ordered? 

A variety of fresh fruits ordered and delivered within hours!

A brunch of 5 pieces Dole Banana where i can choose the ripeness i want, $2.90 

A really huge Tambun Pomelo that's bigger than my head, $6.90

My favourite fruit of all time - 3 Huge Fresh Figs, $13.90

Thai Golden Honey Mango 3 pieces, $12.90

Thai Longans 500g, $5.50

The Fruit Hut

Image Credit: Owari Photography

The Fruit Hut offers the largest fruit selection - with over 80 varieties imported fresh from the best fruit farms worldwide. They guarantee that they are the freshest because
  • The Only Retailer With Cold Room Facilities
    • Typically owned by fruit wholesalers only, they’re the only retailer with cold room facilities to keep their fruits fresh in Singapore’s humid weather.
  • 98% of Fruits Sell Out Within 1 Day
    • Their high fruit turnover means almost all of their fruits sell out the day they arrive. (This I can confirm! I took almost 3 days to cart out because the fruits in my cart got OOS one by one! I waited to have almost all of them back in my cart to cart out quickly! 😂) 
    • Because of the high turnover, you’ll never receive stale, lumpy fruits that have been sitting in the store for days!
And if you ever received a bad fruit (which is very unlikely), they will replace it for free! 

The people at The Fruit Hut put in immense effort to deliver only the freshest fruits through:

✓ Daily fruit quality checks
✓ 3 ~ 7°C cold room fruit storage for optimum freshness
✓ 2 hour delivery directly from their cold room

In the event that you need a replacement , reach out to them via their live chat with images and order details within 3 days

Visit them to browse through the wide variety of fruits they have to offer! 


The Fruit Hut - Fruit Delivery Singapore
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Fruit Delivery Singapore has the widest variety of fruits available for delivery. From apples and pears, berries and grapes, melons and veggies, citrus fruits to tropical fruits. Name it; they have it. They promised that every fruit is in top condition; however, if your choice of fruit is spoilt, flavourless, or in bad shape, they will replace it! Fruit Delivery Singapore works with the best farmers worldwide. Their fruits are only picked when riped, allowing optimal time for flavour to develop. 

📌 Same Day, 2-Hour Delivery, Free Delivery for orders $60 and up.

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