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8 Durian is one of the very few sellers in Singapore to be the providers of premium-grade AAA Mao Shan Wang and Black Gold Durians

Behold! It's the durian season and almost everyone is posting photos of durians on their social media! We tried the durian delivery by and here's sharing about our experience!

Why You Should Consider Ordering From 8 Durian:

  • 8 Durian co-owns a plantation in the high and mountainous regions of Pahang
  • Free delivery island-wide for orders $100 and above! 
  • They are so serious about their durians that they dare to offer replacement guarantee! You can request for a replacement if 
    • Late delivery for more than 1 hour, 
    • Watery durians
    • Frozen Durians when fresh durians were ordered
    • Weight of package deviating more than 50 grams

What We Ordered

We ordered 2 boxes of Premium AAA Grade Mao Shan Wang (S$42.90 per box) and 1 box of Premium Black Gold durian (S$47.90 per box). When the durians arrived at my doorstep, I was overwhelmed by the pungent yet at the same time heavenly aroma of the durians! My boys came dashing out from the room and asked if we ordered durians and couldn't wait to devour it! 😅

How It Looks

To be honest, at first glance, I was like huh so little durian hoods ah.. 😓 like that how to share with Hubby and the boys? So out of curiosity, I took out my weighing scale to weigh the boxes of durian which turns out to be a good half Kg for each box ok! 

Out of curiosity, I weighed the 3 boxes of durian! They are a good half kg worth of fresh & seeds!

Black Gold (S$47.90 per box, $27 per kg)

AAA Grade Mao Shao Wang (S$42.90 per box, S$23.50 per kg)

And to be fair, each durian hood are really big! And the consolation is that the seed of Mao Shan Wang is really thin and small, so you get to devour more durian flesh! 

Size comparison with a bottle of standard size Yakult 😮

This is one hood of durian in my palm! Haha, I used disposable glove for eating so that I can quickly remove and get to the baby when she cries

Left: Seed of Mao Shan Wang, Right: Seed of Black Gold

How It Tastes

The Mao Shao Wang tastes just as our expectations! It's ultra-creamy and bittersweet! I would love it to be more bitter but since my boys love their durians sweet, so this is the best of both worlds for us! 

It's our first time trying Black Gold durians, which is actually an enhanced version of the premium Mao Shan Wang Durians. The flesh of the durian is supposed to be bittersweet and has dark grey veins sporadically throughout the body, but we do not see it any dark areas on our Black Gold durians though. For us, I find the taste of the Black Gold durian to be the same as the Mao Shan Wang but a little more complex. The seeds of the Black gold is huge and round too! 

Overall, our family prefers the AAA Grade Mao Shan Wang more than the Black Gold! I think it's more worth it to buy the Mao Shan Wang since it's cheaper and the seeds are small and thin means you get to enjoy more flesh! 

More Information

About 8 Durian

Hailing from the food and beverage industry in Singapore, we were also avid durian enthusiasts. We looked forward to every durian season, and we would literally travel to the ends of the World to find a good durian. Over the decades, we have learnt a lot about this majestic fruit. We have gained so much knowledge and hands-on skill that we truly believe we know everything there is to know about durians – whether it is how to grow them, select them, or even eat them. 

We used our knowledge and gathered some funds to co-own a plantation in the high and mountainous regions of Pahang. It was not easy to find such land, and we have to say that we were lucky to do so. We purchased durian saplings to speed up the process, but we still took at least 15 years to get it right. Today, we are so proud to say that we are one of the very few sellers in Singapore to be the providers of premium grade AAA Mao Shan Wang and Black Gold Durians.


We were partly sponsored for our order with 8 Durian for review purposes. No other form of compensation is involved and all opinions and photos are my own unless otherwise stated. No part is to be copied or reproduced without permission.

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