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Bolognese Pizza, Photo by Owari Photography

We have been ordering from 2 of the pizza delivery companies so often during the circuit breaker that we were quite sick of their pizzas already! I came across "13 Best Pizza Deliveries in Singapore" by Best In Singapore and is surprised that there are so many other pizza delivery companies in Singapore! Best In Singapore invited us to try out Pizza Delivery and here's sharing our experience!

Why You Should Consider Ordering From Pizza Delivery:

    Having trained in Italy for over a decade, their head chef is extremely experienced in firing up pizzas and they ensure only the most authentic Italian mouthfeel.
    They only use premium imported southern Italian cheese from the country of origin. Their chefs are committed to choosing only the best ingredients personally.
    Their pizza dough is hand-made from scratch and fermented for precisely 72 hours to bring out its optimum flavours. They use only premium and finely-grounded wheat flour imported directly from the organic farms that cultivate ancient grains in Italy. Their pizza dough recipe is handmade in batches daily and tossed only the Italian way.
    Pizza sauce is the second most essential component to a perfect pizza. They created their own secret tomato sauce recipe, and simmer it for exactly 8 hours each day. These long-simmering hours develops the sauce into a rich, rounded profile with more concentrated taste and a deep flavour.
    Their pizzas are fired up in their custom-made Italian stone oven replica. Pizza stones are more evenly heated, which absorbs moisture from the dough resulting in a crispier crust.
    They guarantee 100% fresh pizzas by preparing our orders right on the spot, serving the freshest pizza and pasta handmade from scratch daily.

What We Ordered:

Pizza Delivery is running a promotion to get any 2 handmade artisan-style pizzas at 50% off! 😮 WOW!

 Photo by Owari Photography
This is the year to save save save as we do not know how long the pandemic will last! Of course we went for the 2 pizzas at 50% off promotion to maximise our money! 😁  In total, we ordered 4 pizzas! The large pizza is really really very value for money! I would have ordered 4 to maximise my money, but I do not like food wastage, thus I ordered 2 large pizzas and 2 medium pizzas for my family!

Large Hawaiian Pizza (Photo by Owari Photography)

I ordered the following, prices shown are after discount :

1 x Medium Bolognese Pizza (6 slices) $13.50 
1 x Medium Mushroom Pizza (6 slices) $11.00 
1 x Large Hawaiian Pizza (8 slices) $14.50 
1 x Large Seafood Pizza (8 slices) $17.00 
1 x Fish Finger (6 Pieces) $9.90 
1 x Mozarella Cheese Stick (6 Pieces) $11.90 
1 x 1.5L A&W Root Beer $3.80

6 pieces of Fish Fingers, $9.90 (Photo by Owari Photography)

6 pieces of Mozzarella Cheese Stick, $11.90 (Photo by Owari Photography)

Our Experience:

I ordered on Pizza Delivery via my mobile phone at 2pm, for next day's lunch delivery. Upon payment and completion of the order, I closed my browser too quickly and only roughly remember the 4 digits of my order number. 😅

So I was waiting for the email confirmation for more details about my order, except that I never received an email confirmation after many hours! Being super sleep deprived because of my newborn, I began to doubt if I entered the correct details, else why was I not receiving any email confirmation right? I tried using the instant chat function on their website to contact them, but my session kept expiring before I could get a response. Bummer :/ so I gave up and decided to wait to see if we will get out lunch safely the next day! 

Finally, at 830pm, I received the email confirmation in my mailbox and I checked my shipping addresses etc and phew! Everything was keyed in correctly! Well, I do not know if it's my mailbox issue or Pizza Delivery's system having technical issues. I am ok with it as long as we get our food piping hot on time! 

The next day, it was raining really heavily! I was expecting a delay in the delivery but we were pleasantly surprised that the pizza came rather early within my one hour order timeframe! 😊

How The Food Taste:

Like I said earlier, it was raining really heavily, so we were expecting delays. I was surprised by the doorbell rang so early! Like 15 mins into the hour that the pizza is supposed to arrive in! 

Upon bringing in the pizzas and closing the door, my boys actually came running out from their room (without me asking!) and asked me if I ordered pizza! The fragrant actually lure them out from the room and their games! 

We were excited to open up and gobble them as the smell made us felt hungrier! 

Hubby had this Large 8 slices seafood pizza all to himself as I am not able to eat seafood yet. The seafood pizza is a combination of juicy prawns, tuna chunks, fresh tender squid and succulent scallops drenched in mozzarella cheese and extra virgin olive oil.

Large Seafood Pizza, $17.00 after discount

Hawaiian pizza is always a must-have flavour for our family. The Hawaiian pizza by Pizza Delivery consists of tender chicken ham slices, classic Italian tomato sauce, juicy chicken breast, capsicum peppers, mozzarella cheese and topped with succulent pineapple chunks. The look of the pizza doesn't do justice to its taste!

Large Hawaiian Pizza, $14.50 after discount

Now did I mentioned that the ingredients used are very fresh? I think they are rather generous with ingredients too! Every bite is rewarded with fresh and juicy ingredients and you could taste the Italian pasta sauce with every bite too!

I had the whole mushroom pizza to myself! It's the perfect mushroom lover’s choice – Button, Shitake and Oyster mushrooms in tangy tomato sauce with briny olives, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, extra virgin olive oil and mozzarella cheese. They are very generous with the amount of mushroom given and I couldn't stop after the first bite!
Medium Mushroom Pizza, S$11 after discount

I ordered the bolognese pizza for the boys. Bringing Italian’s classic to the dough – the bolognese pizza consists of subtly spiced beef bolognese simmered in their tang tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil and a ton of mozzarella cheese! The boys simply love it! They couldn't decide between which is their favourite - the Hawaiian or this bolognese pizza as they love both!
Medium Bolognese Pizza, $13.50 after discount 

I also ordered 2 side dishes to share. The Mozzarella Cheese Stick is so great with the dipped sauce that poor Hubby didn't even get to try one bite (the boys and I gobbled them up too quickly!) The fish fingers are great too! It's like eating a fish burger without any bread! Little Brother loves it so much that he ate 3 all by himself!

Overall, I would say that the pizzas by Pizza Delivery are worth the money! In fact, their promotion is also too good to be true! It's definitely a great alternative to move away from the very commercialised pizza that we ate all the time. The ingredients used in the pizza are very fresh that you can taste its freshness with every bite.

The only complain that I would have is that they could have given us more parmesan cheese and chilli peppers lah! See! we ordered 4 pizzas (2 large and 2 medium) but we were only given 2 small packets of parmesan cheese and 2 small packets of chilli flakes only!


Pizza Delivery Singapore

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Pizza Delivery Singapore strives to only provide you with an authentic Italian experience just a click away at your fingertips. An upscale fast-casual concept that serves up artisan-style pizzas and pasta made on-demand, ready in minutes and delivered to your doorstep all under 1 hour. Our chefs are committed to personally selecting the finest ingredients every week – we can assure you a mouthful of only the freshest pizzas and pasta. The idea? Only servings up pizzas that we are proud of to our endearing customers; we think this is the only way that works for us.


We were partly sponsored for our order with Pizza Delivery for review purposes. No other form of compensation is involved and all opinions and photos are my own unless otherwise stated. No part is to be copied or reproduced without permission.

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