Review: Ambi Climate Turns your Aircon into Smart Aircon

Ambi Climate is a small AI enabled smart air conditioner controller

Have you experience going to bed at a comfortable temperature but wake up freezing in the middle of the night? Do you constantly adjust the air conditioner temperature (and fan speed) throughout the night while sleeping? Do your children cough in the middle of the night when it gets too cold? Do you sometimes forget to turn off the aircon and come home many hours later to a very cool house?

We have a fair share of the above experiences and is elated to share with you about Ambi Climate - a device that turns your air conditioner into a smart aircon! 

What is Ambi Climate?

Ambi Climate is the world’s first AI enabled Smart air conditioner controller. It accurately and efficiently auto-adjust your AC based on weather, time of day and indoor parameters to deliver personalized comfort that fits you perfectly. It also effectively minimizes overcooling and overheating, saving you up to 30% on energy.

What comes in the box: • Ambi Climate 2nd Edition • AC Power Plug Adapter • USB Power Cable • User Manual

We tested the Ambi Climate in our bedroom and shares below on what we love and hope Ambi Climate can do better. 

Ambi Climate uses infrared to communicate with your system. It should be placed within 2 to 5 meters without obstruction to the Aircon.

What We Love 💗 About Ambi Climate:

The app

Simple Plug & Play 

To setup Ambi Climate, it's super duper easy! All I need is to install the app on my mobile phone, a power outlet, set up the WiFi, and my Air Conditioner becomes a Smart one within 5 minutes! As the device comes with sensors and uses A.I to analyze our environment, Ambi Climate should be placed where we spend our time most in the room, e.g.: next to your bed in your room, your desk at your office, or your sofa in your living room. Not only that, once you signed up for an account, you will receive "Welcome Series" emails that guide you to maximise the comfort and convenience that Ambi Climate can bring!


Ambi Climate starts learning from the very first feedback given! Its' AI engine and multiple sensors intelligently learn from our feedback and analyze online data to deliver the comfort we didn’t know existed. Before, we were only able to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner. Now, Ambi Climate auto adjust our air conditioner, taking into consideration the weather, indoor humidity, indoor temperature, luminosity and metabolism! Our sleep has never been better and i seldom wake to adjust the aircon or to cover the blankets of the boys anymore.

Access Anywhere

Even when I was away in Japan, I can log in to monitor and see the actual humidity or temperature conditions of the room, even when aircon is off! 


Ambi Climate's geolocation features allow me to automatically switch on and off our air conditioner based on the location of my phone! I can set up Ambi Climate to turn on the air conditioner when I arrive home, and auto switches off when I leave.

Smart Scheduling

Our family prefers to turn off the aircon 30 minutes before we wake up (so that we will not wake with sinus issues). Previously, I have to count the hours left and set the timer on the air conditioner remote depending on the time I remember to set the timer. Now, I simply have to set up the scheduling once on the app and our air conditioner will auto turn off before our alarm rings to wake us! You can set unlimited multiple timers according to your lifestyle and needs.

Smart Home Integration 

"Ok Google, tell Ambi it's too cold now!" Imagine that! If you are already on Alexa or Google Home, now you can use voice control to provide comfort feedback and control your air conditioner for the ultimate Smart Home experience!

The back of Ambi Climate 

What Ambi Climate can improve on:

Develop Cheaper Models for Multiple Rooms  

Each Ambi Climate costs SGD199 and can only be used for 1 air conditioner unit (or room). As Ambi Climate has sensors to gather information about the room and delivers personalized comfort for that room, you will be required to purchase an Ambi Climate for every room. It will be good if we can use the main model for the main rooms and Ambi Climate can develop cheaper models for other rooms so that we can enjoy the Ambi Climate experience throughout the house. :)

Allow Direct Connection to Mobile Phone

Ambi Climate gets connected to the internet to gather weather info as well as your feedback and allows you to view in real time the deployments set by Ambi Climate. Currently, it gets the connection via WIFI of the house.

This, is probably a Singapore new homes issue? Our master bedroom has weaker wifi signals and it gets worst after we closed the bedroom door. So especially during the first week when I am still giving feedback to Ambi Climate, sometimes I am not able to connect to the device via the app.

Luckily, after it learns our comfort levels, it auto adjusts our air conditioner and we are not really dependant on WIFI all the time anymore. It will be good to allow the mobile phone direct connection to Ambi Climate so that we totally replace the aircon remote controller anytime. :)

More Information


If you are keen, each Ambi Climate is retailing at SGD199 and can be purchased from Challenger, Selfix and iStudio stores across Singapore. You can also purchase it online via

About Ambi Labs 

Ambi Labs is an IoT startup founded and headquartered in Hong Kong. Inspired by the concept of “Ambient Intelligence”, we believe that truly smart technology is intuitive and seamless; fading into the background and augmenting the user's lifestyle. We believe that the promise of IoT can only be fully realized through the application of A.I. – many IoT devices today inundate the user with data, and only allow simple, rule-based control. Through A.I. we are able to unlock the insights from the data and offer delightfully intelligent appliances. Founded in 2012, Ambi Labs has grown from 3 founders to a diverse team of 40 members comprising of like-minded individuals who share a common vision augmenting everyday household objects with intuitive, useful, and usable technology. We have a strong maker ethos, with much of the core team originally from Dim Sum Labs, the hackerspace in Hong Kong.

Disclaimer: We were loaned a unit of Ambi Climate to trial and review if we like it and is compensated for the blog post. All images and opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.

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