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You know, every year during the durian seasons, I watched with envy (or.. maybe jealousy?! haha) the pictures after pictures friends posted on social media of their durian indulgences!

Why? Because it's simply too difficult for our family to go buy the durians ourselves! With a working hubby who commutes to work via the public transport, I should be the one going to buy durians. But I have two young boys who hate the smell of durians and hate waiting, and the logistics to go to the popular durian stalls - think about parking, queuing and lugging the durians back to the car! So every year when we finally made a trip to go buy durian together, we always find ourselves in the sold-out situation. :/

I know I know, NTUC is selling boxes of prepacked durians! But, it's weird to buy them! There is no durian fragrance and you do not know how many days it has been!

This year, Durian Delivery came to our rescue!

Why Durian Delivery?

Freshest Durians 

The typical durians we eat from stores are usually at least a day old. That’s because the stores store their durians, and the older durians are pushed out ahead of the new ones to make way for new stock.
Durian Delivery operates with 0 wastage and 0 storage time. With a fast delivery schedule, the durians can reach our doorstep within 6-12 hours after they’re picked from the plantation in Malaysia, making them arguably the freshest in Singapore!  What do they do with leftover durians you may ask, they are frozen at the end of the day and sold to cake and dessert stores!

The durians arrived very promptly at my doorstep! 

All in 800g packaging and comparison with a Yakult bottle.
Many of the durians were the same size or bigger than the Yakult bottle! 

How to Order?

If you are reading a blog, I am sure you are web savvy! Ordering is so easy peasy on Durian Delivery website! Simply select the type of durians you want, select a delivery slot, and they will deliver within that time range! If particular time slots are filled up, the system automatically updates the schedule and it will be blocked out.

Easy Peasy Order Form at

Do note that the prices quoted are per 400g of de-husked durians, not in per kg price as used by normal durian stalls. The typical durians average only 230g-280g after de-husked, depending on the type, per KG, which is why you see a higher price on their website. So 400g of de-husked durian is about a 1.6KG durian! I personally find it very worth, you are paying for the very fleshy durians itself and not for the husks (no surprises to find some durians with only a few seeds inside!) The durians are de-husk and packed immediately upon reaching Singapore and go straight out for delivery to your house!

Delivery Info In a Nutshell:

Same Day Delivery: S$9.70 per location (within a 4 hours time frame)
Express Delivery: S$14.70 per location (within a 2 hours time frame)

Psst! There's even a next day delivery option which costs only S$6.90 (also 4 hours time frame) if you wanna save more on the delivery fee!

Psssst! Get free delivery when you purchase above $120!

Just select the durians you want, checkout, enter your billing and delivery details, select your delivery date and timeslot! Best part, pay via your credit card!

How Much to Order? 

Hmm, depending on how big a durian eater you are, I think you can safely order 800g (800g is cheaper than buying 400g) for 2 to 3 pax to share. For the TSW (Hand-Picked Old Tree MSW from Pahang) and Mao Shan Wang (MSW), the durian flesh are as big as a Yakult Bottle! I ate three pieces on an empty stomach and I was feeling FULL already! Haha!

Which Type to Order? 

The types of durians available are updated daily on Durian Delivery.
The types of durians available are updated daily on Durian Delivery

Let me share our review of the durians!

The best durian has to be the "Hand Picked Old Tree Mao Shan Wang Durian" (What a long name! Let's call it TSW!) It's actually Mao Shan Wang, picked from only the oldest, most premium trees.
It costs just slightly more than Mao Shan Wang (MSW). If you like durians on the more bitter side like me, this is the one! Its flesh was so buttery rich! Basically, I had trouble finding its seed!

Old Tree Mao Shan Wang has bright yellow flesh

Next is Mao Shan Wang! The Mao Shan Wang needs no introduction right? Haha. Its super sticky & creamy flesh has a slightly bitter, sweet and complex taste. It's less bitter than the old tree MSW (TSW) though. Just like TSW, the seeds were so thin and small, every bite resulted in a mouth full of durian flesh!

Mao Shan Wang also has rich yellow flesh

If you like sweet durians, Red Prawn is the one you should order! Though smaller than MSW, its orangy flesh has a sweet aroma. Warning, this is intensely sweet! It's a good durian to start children with, to make them fall in love with durians! Haha. The seeds were big and round though. 

Red Prawn Durian has orangy coloured flesh

The seeds of MSW, TSW and Red Prawn for comparison 

{  D I S C O U N T  }

{  Savings!  } 

Great News! Shave some percentage (the actual discount may varies depending on season) off your purchases at Durian Delivery with discount code "miracule10"! Remember to enter the discount code before you check out at

Remember to click to enter the discount code before you checkout!

{  G I V E A W A Y   C L O S E D }

The generous team at Durian Delivery has actually agreed to gift to one lucky reader of Miracule, a S$150 voucher to be used on for an ultimate Durian Indulgence delivered straight to your home!

For a chance to win your ultimate durian party, please follow the steps in the Rafflecopter app below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions for Giveaway:
  • The contest is open to fans of Miracule residing in Singapore only. 
  • Any incomplete step will be disqualified. 
  • Ensure your shares are set to public for us to verify, otherwise you will be disqualified. Facebook accounts set up to join Giveaways ONLY may be disqualified.
  • Only one winner per household. Duplicate winners of the same giveaway on other websites may be disqualified. The final decision will be made by the sponsors.
  • Winner will be announced on the blog and notified via email. The winner is required to provide Full name, IC number and mobile number for prize collection purposes. Please, kindly response within 48 hours, else a next winner will be drawn. 
  • Gifts won are not are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable
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More Information About Durian Delivery
Website | Facebook | Instagram | WhatsApp: 9387 4394 | Email 

Over the years, the durian industry has evolved greatly, and Singaporeans are now enjoying and appreciating a greater quality of durians than ever before. The team behind Durian Delivery Singapore noticed that there was a demand for quality durians to be delivered straight to customers.

Some of the problems faced by durian lovers were:

– Overcharging by dishonest vendors
– Poor quality durians served at market stalls
– Problems transporting durians due to smell
– The inconvenience of travelling to purchase durians

Whether it’s for a durian party or just an enjoyable durian meal as a family, the demand for durian delivery wasn’t met really well by the traditional vendors who had no experience with delivering durians, nor the resources and expertise to deal with it. Durians from stores, already a day old after being displayed, were being sent out via motorcycles. This was a problem as customers were receiving durians that aren’t satisfactory in quality.

By utilizing a strong e-commerce model, Durian Delivery Singapore is able to collate orders the day before, notify our durian plantation, and send out our durians the very next day.

This was a natural transition from the traditional durian store as we could ensure that your durians are as fresh as possible while focusing on providing the absolute best delivery service. The result is that your durians arrive fresh and in perfect condition!

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