Okinawa Travel: Car Rental and Self Driving

For our upcoming trip to Okinawa, we have decided to rent a car and do self driving so that we have more convenience and freedom to go where we like as a family of four with children!

After searching around, we decided to rent a car from OTS because their website has the option for English, as well as I read that their rental representatives can speak mandarin because they have a lot of customers from Taiwan! It will be easier for us to communicate and clarify any issues or ask for help!

There are many cars for you to choose from, depending on your group size and needs!

We booked ourselves a Toyota C-HR and topped up with their Premium Safety Pack (Better Insurance on top of basic one) as well as opt in for the ETC (Toll Card for faster travel on expressway) and car seats for our children! We are only paying approximately SGD60 a day for all theses! It's so cheap!

Driving Rules In Okinawa, Japan

Japan carries traffic on the left and the driver is on the right side of the car,  just like Singapore!

The rules are about the same in Singapore too:

  • All passengers must fasten their seatbelts
  • Drinking and driving is absolutely prohibited
  • Using your mobile phone while driving is absolutely prohibited. Specifically for the driver, using a mobile phone while driving is subject to a penalty of 50,000 yen or less. Sending and receiving texts are subject to similar penalty for gazing at the screen. Please beware.

Do note that their traffic lights are different from Singapore. You must always stop when the light is red. Vehicles traveling straight as well as those turning right or left must stop. However, even when the light is red, you may go in the direction a green arrow indicates.
Green Light / Go
You can go straight or turn right or left when the light is green.
Yellow Light / Stop
However, you can go if you cannot stop at the stop line or if stopping may pose danger.
Red Light / Stop
Please stop. According to Japanese traffic laws, turning right or left is prohibited when the light is red.
Only Right Turns Allowed
Even when the light is red, if a green arrow is lit, you may go in the direction it indicates.
Only Left Turns Allowed
Even when the light is red, if a green arrow is lit, you may go in the direction it indicates.

It will be great to familiarise with the below Japanese Traffic Signs before you go too.
Maximum speed
Stop before Proceeding
Vehicle entry prohibited
Road closed
Closed to vehicular traffic
U-turn prohibited
Slow down
No parking
Priority to pedestrians
Time restricted parking zone
Traffic restricted to indicated direction
Traffic restricted to indicated direction
Traffic restricted to indicated direction
One way
Crosswalk / bicycle crossing zone
Parking allowed
Priority road
Center line
Stop line

In Okinawa, they have bus lanes like in Singapore too! Especially in Naha City area! During the regulated hours, only designated vehicles and authorized vehicles are allowed to use these lanes. The bus lanes are in effect every day during commuting hours in the morning and evening, except for Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and Jan 2-3.
If you get into an accident, remain at the scene and call 110!
Even if it is a single vehicle accident, call 110 right away!
If you are using a car rental, please be sure to contact the rental company.
The asphalt in Okinawa contains limestone, and the roads are said to be slippery. They’re particularly dangerous after rain, so be careful not to go too fast.
About 80% of accidents occur in car parks. Take particular care when entering and leaving hotels, convenience stores and so on.

Navigating Around

The rental vehicle will come will GPS which you can use to navigate and get around. However, it seems like Japan uses Map Code unique to themselves, create by the company called Denso. To find the map codes for the places that we will be driving to, I used various sources like as well as, however i notice that the Map Codes are different from different sources! 😓 I also read reviews that Google Maps does not work very well and it may be difficult to find the place you want to go to.

On the OTS website, it is recommended that you use Navicon Apps to search for the places you want to go on your mobile phone. I found the app is called NaviBridge by Denso. You simply just search for the place and send the command from your phone to the GPS system to go! Do note that the app only works when you are in Japan though. Haha, so I am not able to test it out before we go!


  • Please book in advance
    Book your car online in advance for they have early bird discount rates! Sometimes they have sale going on, so you can check out which rates are better. You can look for coupon code on their mainpage to apply (remember to apply your coupon code!) at checkout for additional discount! 
  • Make good use of the expressway!
    The expressway in Okinawa is an attractive option because it offers smooth traveling from Naha to the resorts in Central Okinawa compared to local roads that are prone to traffic jams. They offers discounted rates during designated hours too! 
  • Beware of Bus Lanes!
    One of the things to be aware of when driving in Okinawa are the bus lanes. Common vehicles including car rentals are prohibited from driving in these lanes during rush hours in the morning and evening for the purpose of relieving traffic and ensuring that buses remain on schedule. The hours vary by area, so please be sure to check before renting a car. 
  • Choose a Car Rental with ETC
    Toll booths that accept cash may get congested during certain hours when utilizing the expressway, but you can get through smoothly using ETC. ETC is an attractive system, as it also offers discounts during designated hours. Save money on your trip!

More about Driving In Okinawa can be found on Be sure to read them and get familiarise before your self-driving trip in Okinawa!

Bookmark this page as I will update more about our Okinawa Trip along the way!

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