9d8n Taiwan in Pictures (Day 3) Exploring Taichung

Day 3 Itinerary: Exploring Taichung

Travel Period: 31 Jan to 8 Feb 2015
Group consists of: Hubby & I, my two boys aged 1+ and 5+, and my parents aged 60+

Day 3 Itinerary:
Rainbow Village 彩虹村 --> 新社古堡 --> Go Kart --> 新社花海 --> Carton King 大坑纸箱王 --> Gaomei Wetlands 高美湿地

P/S: As mentioned in my previous post, I planned the itinerary together with 金鸿运 and book a 9 seater car (spacious and can accomodate our luggages with winter wear!) with Xiao Li our driver who drove us around. You can contact them via Whatsapp and the lady Wenny can converse in English very well. They had car seats for my boys and even told us that we do not need to bring our stroller for the 1 year old, they loan us for our stay there, even though there were a few days in between that we didn't require the tour service!

After a yummy and filling breakfast provided by In One City Inn, we headed downstairs to meet up with Xiao Li our driver, who was already waiting for us downstairs.

First stop, we headed to the infamous Rainbow Village! Rainbow Village consists of a few houses painted by Rainbow Grandpa Huang Yung-Fu (彩虹爷爷) with vibrant colours of animals, cute characters, chinese wordings, etc. It is one of the veteran villages which the government deferred the demolition as it became one of the popular attractions in Taichung.

Well, when we arrived there, it's easy to see why it's a popular attraction! The whole place is painted in very bright and vibrant colours and you will get many super instagram worthy pictures!

So good that our driver Xiao Li offered to help us take a whole group photo!

There were street performers that transform the place to a lively happy retreat!

We took so many photos at every nook and corner at Rainbow Village!

While you are there, there are some Rainbow Village merchandise for sale too! Do buy some to support the Rainbow Grandpa who is really old now!

When i started to feel that we have taken too much photos and my memory card is threatening to run out of space (help! I am only at the 1st stop of the day!), we quickly scrambled back to our rented car and our driver took us to the next stop --> 新社古堡。

This place is out of this world. At least I didn't expect it to be so beautiful, like a scenic castle out of nowhere!

We were treated to so many Cherries Blossom the whole time we were in Taiwan!

After this, while we were boarding the car to go to our next destination, Xiao Li told us that he saw a Go Kart place while we were turning to here. He suggested why not we bring the kids for some Go Kart so that they can have fun in this trip too. I am glad that he is so thoughtful and nice! Some other drivers might be grumbling if you tried to adjust your itinerary but Xiao Li is definitely not like this! 

So we spent some time at the Go Kart!

Next, we were supposed to do to 新社花海, but i understood that it was not available during the month we were there, so Wenny helped to google and suggest this place (which i can't remember it's name.. I think it's called 台头)which is blooming with beautiful 梨花! I am glad we came here too!

When we were done with photo taking, we headed to Carton King next! The whole place is separated into different zones with themes and decorated with many items made out of carton, like the zoo with carton animals etc! Even the restaurant where we had our late lunch at, we were surprised that their dining tables and chairs we ate at were totally made our of carton too! There is also some different shops within different zones that sold so many interesting stuffs that we purchased many interesting items like a carton lobo camera where you can transfer your pictures out via usb, and coin banks etc!

We overspent the time at this place because of the shopping, and by the time we left, it's also evening. Xiao Li tried his best to bring us to Gaomei Wetlands, he really wanted to bring us there early because it said the place was very stunning during sunset. In fact, it was true, as we were finally arriving from a far, we kept wowing and cooing in the car, because the view was magnificent! There were so many windmills and the wetlands stretches all the way to the sun which was setting! I was so busy seeing that I didn't take any pictures. Sunset was happening and it ended very fast! Xiao Li drove us very near to where the windmills were and by then the street lights were already on! Although i couldn't take any nice pictures because of the darkness, but the experience was so good that as I am typing this now, I can still remember how tall each windmill was up close (it's way taller than normal street lights!) and the swooshing loud sounds it makes! It was super windy and super shiok! I felt that it's so amazing that humans can think of theses ways to harness nature's power to generate electricity!

With this, we end our third night in Taiwan. Thank you for reading! If you are keen to continue reading about our adventure in Taiwan, please follow me on Facebook or bookmark this post. :) I will update it along the way.

9d8n Taiwan Family Trip with young children and grandparents

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Day 2: Exploring Miaoli: 採草莓--> 明德水庫--> 獅頭山--> 薰衣草森林--> 勝興車站--> 龍騰斷橋--> Check into In One City Inn in Taichung--> Explore FengJia Night Market
Day 3: Exploring Taichung: Rainbow Village 彩虹村 --> 新社古堡 --> Go Kart --> 新社花海 --> Carton King 大坑纸箱王 --> Gaomei Wetlands 高美湿地

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