Toddler Learning Colours + Free Printables

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When Big Brother just entered Primary One last year, I finally had LOTS of time with the then 2+ years old Little Brother! One day while i was folding clothes and the 2+ years old little brother looked at me like he is sooooo bored, so i passed him the dot-a-art markers and papers and realised that he is able to do doodling on his own quite independently!  

Unlike his elder brother who had learning difficulties, Little Brother's motor skills were impressively good! He didn't even needed any help from me and proceeded to unscrew the caps of the markers all my himself. It's interesting that he knew exactly what he wants to do too. He knew to use different colours and dot within the lines without me saying anything! It's really fun to observe the young ones sometimes! 

For a 2+ years old, this is really neat!

Looking at how focus he was, and how he was able to complete an activity all by himself with little distraction, I felt he was ready for some table activities and home-learning!

Previously, I had printed many great FREE Printables that I found online. You must please visit my previous post if you want to access the links of great printables to use at home with your little ones! So, I sort and took out those that were related to learning colours and used them together with him!

Acitivity 1: Sorting Colours

This printable is a Paint Brush Colour Matching Game by Confessions of a Homeschooler! It allows the child to sort the paint brushes into respective "bottles" that match the colours on the brushes! It's great for introducing colours, or for older kids to learn the words of colours too! 

Activity 2: Colour Matching

This is a Ice Cream Colour Matching Game by Mr Printable! Child can learn colors with the colorful cut out scoops and ice lollies that need to be matched with the correct cone or stick, both through word recognition and color matching.

Activity 3: Visual Discrimination and Identifying & Grouping Colours

Visual discrimination is an important skill to pick up and so, I printed this Colours Visual Discrimination worksheets by SchoolSparks! I slotted the worksheets into clear transparent plastic sheets and gave them to Little Brother with a box of whiteboard markers in different colours! First I asked him to identify what colour does he think we are learning about by looking at the word on top, and asked him to choose to correct colour marker to use. Then he is to circle the items on the pages that is of the same colours. :) I am very impressed with his motor skills! 

With this, I end my sharing on teaching colours to the little one! 

Happy Printing and Learning! 

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