The Things He Said: Childcare reminds him of orphanage

My kids sleep at 815pm daily, which is pretty earlier so we have the habit of small chats while we are turning in for sleep. 

One day, while we were going to sleep, I casually asked Big Brother if he remembers his childcare,  the preschools that he went before and why he cried daily last time.

He said he can't remember already.  But he has a memory about those times. A chinese teacher was asking them to do a dance. So I asked him if he remember the color of uniform and it turn out it was of the childcare centre that he went before I become a sahm! (that is age 2+). Big Brother was in an infant care since he was 5.5 mths old. When he turns 18 months old, I had him transferred to another childcare centre near to the place we stayed. And he stayed there all the way until 37 mths old (3 yrs 1 mth old) before I become a sahm.

Then he continued that he doesn't like the teachers to look at them and force them to sleep. If he hadn't fallen asleep, they would call his name and ask him to zzz.. he hated that place cos it looks like the orphanage that he saw from tv shows. 

I was stumped... how did a child so young knows about all theses? My heart wrenched and teared. 

Then he couldn't remember much about his nursery, K1 and early k2. He also couldn't remember much about the place I brought him to for early intervention. I asked him why he cries when he went to school daily, he told me he was scared. But he is no longer scare now...  In his words, he said. I am old already... primary two now. I am 7 years old already. I am a big boy now....... My boy... has grown so much!

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