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Although Big Brother has Dyslexia and resists reading on his own, but all these years I have not stop reading to him. :) In order to exposed my children to more reading, I bring my children to the library often to borrow many varieties of books as well as we have procured quite an impressive library at home too. :D

I am ecstatic to add to our personal Library a new kind of books - books personalised to my children individually! We received two personalised adventure books from bookyboo for Big Brother and Little Brother for review purposes.

We received two personalised books for Big Brother and Little Brother!

Love how vibrant the colours are on the book!

Theses books are under the my adventure personalised book series by bookyboo. Each book is a personalised story based on the letters of my child’s name! My boy becomes a hero on a treasure hunt, who finds treasure clues hidden across India. We get to meet many characters and collect a clue from each one to add up to their own names!

Above: I love that I can include a special message printed on the 1st page for each of my child. The message can always remind my boys of their childhood days and the bond they share with us.

Below: Love the printed matt vibrant colours on every page

I think that personalising books for our little ones is not just about creating a unique keepsake, it's also a great opportunity to bond together with our little ones and encourage them to be off screen time!


It's of course effective! They couldn't wait for me to read to them! 

The surprises didn't just end there. My boys and I were delighted to find a colouring page at the end of their own book that we can spend time colouring together! This takes the personalisation to the next level because now they can even colour the pages themselves according to their own liking!

You can even share your kids drawing with Bookyboo

If there is just one thing that I didn't like about the books, they were delivered individually in soft cardboard wrapped with cling wrap. During the freight, one of the parcel was bent and resulted in the dent/crumpled for the spine of the book (see below). :( 

Other than that, we had hours of fun and many nights of reading about their own adventures, again and again! I hope that they will keep the magic in them for longer!  

Thank you bookyboo! 


Bookyboo is generous to extend a 15% discount to my readers for your order! 

To enjoy the 15% off your own personalised book, enter the coupon code MIRACULE at your checkout! Do note that the discount is only valid for 30 days from today! :) Happy bookyboo-ing! 

More Information about Bookyboo


At Bookyboo, we know for sure that childhood experiences shape the kind of personality we grow up to be. And it is parents (especially mothers) who put in immense efforts to make sure their kids soak in quality experiences today, to prepare them with life skills for tomorrow.

It is the reason why we continuously create an ensemble of enriching learning experiences that the children love because each experience is personalized, specially created for them. We want parents and kids to enjoy each experience, one moment at a time – to create memories that stay forever. Our mission is to make parenting an even more rewarding journey.

Disclaimer: We were invited by Bookyboo to try their personalised adventure books for review purposes. We were gifted two personalised adventure books for review and to share our experiences. No other form of compensation is involved and all opinions and photos are my own, unless otherwise stated. No part is to be copied or reproduced without permission.

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