Easy Homecook Recipe: Rice Cooker Pasta

When Hubby started travelling for work again, I was in a depressive state. If you ever tried solo-parenting before, you will know it's so dreaded! There is simply no rest! 

The most difficult thing is to cook! It's too elaborative to cook full meals (3 dishes and 1 soup) for 1 adult, 1 child and 1 toddler right? We are all small eaters some more! And it's so not justifiable to do the washing up!! 

So i started exploring cooking using the rice cooker, and wondered WHY I didn't look into this sooner! The rice cooker is a godsend invention that all Mamas must learn to exploit and use it to our advantage!

Here's sharing an Easy Peasy Rice Cooker Pasta Recipe, that you simply pour everything in, press the button and tadah~ A yummy meal is can be served within 30 minutes! My sons, they didn't know how easy it was to cook this and they always thought that their mummy is a great cook! They said unanimously that this is the best thing eaten! ;p

Yummy and Healthy Pasta served within 30 mins, all done by the rice cooker!

Ingredients Required
  1. 1 Cup Pasta (my kids love the elbow or seashell pasta!) 
  2. 1 Cup water or chicken stock 
  3. Half Cup pasta sauce
  4. Sliced Salmon pieces (or other meat as your desired)
  5. Cut Broccoli or carrots (or other vegetables as desired)
  6. Cut Sausages (or any other ingredients as desired)
  7. Some mozzarella cheese and some parmesan cheese
P/S: The above portion is just nice for my 2 children and myself as we are small eaters. The ratio for cooking this pasta in rice cooker is 1 Cup pasta to 1 Cup water and Half Cup pasta sauce. So increase them accordingly. :) There is enough liquid to cook the pasta and the ingredients (be careful not to put too much ingredients) so do not try to put too much water if not you will get mushy pasta to eat! :) 

  1. Pour in Pasta and water into Rice Cooker
  2. Add and stir in the Pasta Sauce
  3. Add in the rest of the ingredients and stir lightly
  4. Top with some mozzarella cheese
  5. Close the lid of rice cooker and press the cook rice button
  6. Just rest or go about doing other chores!
  7. The pasta is done when the light turns to "Keep Warm"!
  8. Served and top with some parmesan cheese if desired! Enjoy!

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