Big Brother's First Paid Hair Cut!

Sorry for the non update! I was taking a break from blogging, initially it was suppose to be a month's break, but a break is a break so shiok, i missed the momentum to sit still and complete my numerous drafts that i started! I still have so many things I wanted to share about but hahaha, i will complete the posts one day! 

Sharing one of my happiest moments as a Mother! Big Brother finally had his first paid haircut after so many years! It may mean nothing to others, but sometimes you may not know what are the things that we have been taking granted for life and how blessed we are! 

Since the first time i brought Big Brother to a barber when he was around one years old, we realised that he was crying hysterically throughout. We later realised that he had a very big phobia of hair cuts! We had tried to bring him to many different hair salons or barbers but the trips always ended up with the shop owners asking us to leave without cutting his hair. 

And so, I have self trained to become the barber for my boy. The first few times I only trimmed his fringe and it ended up disastrous. Thereafter, EVERYONE (family, relatives and even strangers) kept on complaining WHY THE MOTHER never bring the boy for hair cut, why she never cut his hair etc. It's like it's ALL my fault... No one understands the challenges. 

I read back at what I wrote this on my blog before:

Accepting has allowed things to move on - for example, now I know he has sensory issues - that a shaver will not work on him and he cannot wear the protective gown and yet he go into a hysterical meltdown when the cut hairs fall onto him. No one believes me when I said that no hairdresser or barber dares to cut Kyle's hair because Kyle will go hysterical at their shops.. Everyone thinks I am lazy or can't understand why I am not cutting my son's hair. Even my hubby has problem holding Kyle down and when he gave up trying, I attempted to cut Kyle's hair myself. If I don't cut his hair, no one else could and I am his mother. If I don't cut his hair, I am the one that gets blamed by everyone. The first few times I cut his hair last year, I had to pin him down with my own body, we both ended up lying down on the bathroom floor with baby crying outside. Some people may comment that "Huh?! Why he is like that? He is so big now still afraid to cut hair?" Well, I can only say that my son is not the only person in this world that is afraid of getting his hair cut, and *shrugs* you are just lucky that your child does not have this issue!! At least, my son is one that really look very good with long hair.. so why let his hair bother you? And for myself, I applaud that I am turning into quite an experienced self trained hairdresser and I no longer have to pin him down anymore. 

We have came such a long way!!! You can read more about our haircut journey. As the boy grows older, I become more stressed about cutting his hair. I was so afraid of blotching up, because he will have to go to school with bad haircuts right? And Primary School is a lot stricter, i have to cut his hair rather frequently because he was ever told off by the Discipline Master once for the tail that was growing out from behind. And... haha, each time i cut his hair this year, I have to start talking to him like weeks before to prep him until he is ready for me to cut his hair.

Luckily Little Brother do not have issues with haircuts, I started bringing Little Brother for paid haircuts this year, and will showed off pictures & videos of his haircut to Big Brother. I even brought Big Brother along for Little Brother's haircut but each time he was adamant.

So, I was rather surprised when one day after school, Big Brother told me he would like to go to the shop to cut his hair! It was so sudden, but I do not want to miss the opportunity! I quickly brought him immediately to the salon to buy a haircut ticket!

Haha, it kinda helps that the founder of K-Cuts has the same name as Big Brother. So he asked for a picture with his poster!

He was jittery and nervous

So i asked him to take a look at others having their haircuts. NO ONE is crying, i told him. 

Namo Namo powers to be brave!

And then it was his turn! I did explained to the young man hairdresser that it's Big Brother's first paid haircut, and we will stop if Big Brother is not able to continue. As I used my phone to show him videos to distract him, so i wasn't able to take pictures of him during the haircut. But my heart, it's stressful thinking if he might act up, but it's also beaming with pride and tears!! He sat through the whole thing, and was even chatting with the young man hair-dresser! 

Tadah!! Big Brother's first paid haircut! I had told the stylists to go shorter so I don't have to come back so often! LOL

I am one happy mummy!! 

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