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I am not sure if I am the only person with this problem or if there are many others like me. 

Since my teenage years, especially when I doing in my Tertiary education, I started having trouble falling asleep because I wasn't able to find the most comfortable position for my head! It's either too high and ended up too low, and the next day i would mostly end up with a stiff neck and migraines. 
I start to develop problems with sleeping well, mainly due to having trouble falling asleep and the constant flipping throughout the night as I couldn't find a comfortable position to sleep in. As a result, I started developing neck and back issues from a young age. 

You know, during my parents time, they know nothing about different pillows - we just buy whichever that is cheaper and we should use it for a lifetime! 

So now (after so many years!), unless I am mindful, else I would be naturally sloughing  (the ugly hunched back) and worst... the back of my shoulders are permanently tightened in high tension (all the masseurs that massage for me would always comment how come the back of my shoulders are so tight), it's as if I am forever in a high tension mode.  And.. I changed my pillow very often, I am still looking for the best pillow for me! 

Somehow, I have tried so many pillows, whatever that seems to be just nice will ended up with me flipping through the night again, for example:
  • The height of pillow was just nice but I ended up waking in sweat around my head and neck even though I am sleeping in an air-conditioned room 
  • When i finally found a pillow that has better air circulation and heat dissipation, it wasn't able to retain its height
  • And when i finally found a pillow that has better air circulation and heat dissipation and can retain its height.... it's slightly too high for me!
  • And.. I am not sure if I am the only sensitive weirdo around, I had trouble finding a right height pillow because the height that I needed changes when I am lying head down or when I am sleeping sideways! 
I had been trying out the Makura Health and Neck Support Pillow for close to one month now, let me share more about this new and very interesting product and how different it is from conventional pillows on the market!

The Makura pillow is made in Japan!

Packaging of product looks like any other pillow.
I love keeping these pillow carriers, it is very good to be used to keep the clothes that children outgrown!

I am intrigued by the grainy fillings within the pillow!
I was really very surprised and impressed when i opened and saw what was inside the pillow!

Within the packaging, it also comes with a pillowcase that I am now using as a pillow protector for this pillow!

So if we look at the product itself, I wasn't sure how different this pillow would be from all my other pillows, on the product packaging, it states almost the usual things that a pillow would promise but something caught my eye! 

Did you see the words "Special Capsules" and you can adjust the pillow height by adding or removing the capsules??

I was in for a surprise! What capsules is it talking about? A pillow is usually filled with cotton, feathers, polymers or memory foam! I had seen husks filled pillows too, but capsules?! And so i turn the pillow all over and found a zip which i open it up to see what's inside!

Are you ready to find out what this pillow is filled with? 

Tadah! This pillow is filled with these special plastic lookalike capsules in a few shapes!

So having tried the pillow for almost one month now, let me share with you my experiences! 

First Try

When I rested on my head on the pillow for the very first time, the pillow felt very very firm. I immediately thought of how the people slept in the olden days with a wooden pillow (those we sees in a chinese period drama)? I wonder if the pillow would be too hard for me. 

I also can feel the capsules moving itself along with my head and neck as i try turning around! It felt a little I was given a massage whenever i moved! And the pillow quickly fitted into a comfortable height, be it when I am lying head down (which I will need a lower pillow) or sleeping sideways (which I will need a higher pillow)!

After the first night with the pillow

As we co-sleep with Little Brother and I am still nursing him, he would always wake for comfort latching at night, because of this, for the past three years both Little Brother and I had been waking very frequently throughout the night every day!

But the first night I tried the Makaru Health and Neck Support Pillow, I woke the next morning, totally surprised that both Little Brother and I slept through the night!!! 

It was after a few nights that I realised that it wasn't Little Brother waking up at night for comfort latching! It had been ME! It was my frequent turning and tossing in the nights that woke Little Brother, and thus the need to comfort latching to make him fall asleep again. And when he fallen asleep, i would turn and toss again to find my comfort head spot and that's when I risked waking him again!!! If i ignored his fussiness, he would in turn wake everyone else up which again I suffer!

So with the Makura pillow, I had been turning lesser in my sleep, and thus waking Little Brother lesser too! And to think that I had always been wondering why I couldn't wean Little Brother off comfort latching! Hahaha!

So it's important to find the correct pillow, for it not just affect our own quality of sleep, using an unsuitable pillow can affect the sleeping partner's quality of sleep too! 

Key Benefits of Active Hive’s Makura Health and Neck Support Pillow:
  • Better air circulation and heat dissipation
    The unique capsules inside of the pillow provide better air circulation while you are asleep, thus providing more comfort and less heat retention, contributing to a better sleep experience.
  • Pillow retains its height and does not change shape
    In order for optimum support, the pillow retains its height all throughout a good night’s sleep, and does not change, thus it is at the optimal shape throughout the whole night without compromising comfort.
  • Adjustment of pillow height can be done by adding / removing the capsules
    Inside each pillow, there is a certain number of capsules provided. However, not everyone’s natural physique is the same, thus the amount of capsules inserted can be removed in order to suit your most comfortable neck and head position.
  • Uninterrupted, deep quality sleep as neck is aligned in its optimum angle
    The pillow is shaped uniquely such that the neck and head are properly positioned. This leads to deep quality sleep providing proper rest that is uninterrupted. In the case of uncomfortable pillows that do not provide proper posture, one may tend to have trouble finding the right sleeping position and have interrupted sleep, which leads to not feeling well-rested the following day.
  • Hygienic and allergy-safe
    The pillow is 100% allergy-safe without any harm or risks to those with sensitive skin or dust allergies as the capsules are machine-washable, thus ensuring safe use for all. (Place pillow in washing net and place in wash machine to wash and spin dry, leave it to air or sun dry. DO NOT use a dryer.)
  • Relieves and gets rid of neck and shoulder pain
    By adapting to the right sleeping position every night, the neck and shoulder aches caused by poor posture throughout the day becomes alleviated, and corrects posture problems. Without aches and pains, those who have been suffering from poor posture are able to correct their posture even while awake, leading to more comfort in everyday activities.
  • Wake up more alert and well-rested
    By having the right posture and achieving uninterrupted sleep, it directly benefits one’s energy levels and attention. Over time, the energy that you gain from sleeping in an optimal position enables you to achieve more in daily life.

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For those who are keen or in need to find the optimum pillow like me, the Makura Health and Neck Support Pillow retails at $188, available at Active Hive and online at http://activehive.com.sg/product/makura-pillow/.

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That's not all, receive a complimentary Minus Calories workout at Active Hive worth $103 with each purchase of Makura Health and Neck Support Pillow!

Do note that the coupon code will expire on 30 June 2016. :) If you are a troubled sleeper like me, hope you can find some good nights sleep too! :)


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