What Dyslexia Feels Like

As you might know, Big Brother is not just diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (a type of High Functioning Autism), he is also diagnosed with Dyslexia (a type of learning disabilities).

Lately, i saw the news that a mum beat her 4 years old boy to death, for failing to recite the numbers from 11 to 18. I felt that this could have been avoided if the mum is more aware of the things that can affects a child's learning, and that her son may have a learning difficulty. There are some learning disabilities that will impact not just the learning bit, but also affects the child's attention span, his working memory and motor skills, hyperactivity and etc. This website is quite informative if you need to find more information - https://www.understood.org/en

When a child cannot learn as we hope no matter how hard you try, it may be that he has learning differences (other terms for this are learning difficulties or learning disabilities). I hope that with awareness, parents can recognise signs more early and bring the child for check-up when you feel something is not right, so that the child can received early intervention early to help him, as well as it will help you greatly as a parent too because you can learn ways to specifically teach your own child!

To give you a better idea of why children or people with Dyslexia may be slow to recognise letters or numbers or even reading, I chanced upon this on the internet of how a Dyslexic person experience reading!

Can you imagine how stressful it will be, for a child with Dyslexia to learn? How much time it will takes for the child to see a letter or number clearly?

I can vouch for this! I was going through Big Brother's Math homework with him the other day, and the worksheet ask to cross out the smaller number. I was pointing word by word for him and help him read out words that he had difficulty reading.

Big Brother: Hey Mummy! This word is "smaller", but it also looks like the word "stimulation"!

And another day, we walked past a blue Comfort Taxi, and he suddenly exclaimed "Mummy! I know this word! It says "Confirm!" which i later correct him by saying that's such a good effort to guess read, the word is "Comfort" and while it looks so similar to "Confirm" it has a different meaning!

When Big Brother was much younger, he was really slow to recognise the letters of the Alphabet as well as numbers, he could only write well in beginning of K2. In fact, when we registered him for Primary One in July last year, he couldn't read a paragraph on his own even though he could recognised about 80 sight words then! We were registering him for mainstream education with just faith in our hearts and I was helping him by homeschooling him as well as sending him for early intervention therapies.

Turn out, it's been a few months now, he started mainstream education way better than our expectations! Suddenly, he leaped and improved by so much, that is way beyond my imagination! For record, he is now able to read a simple book that we borrowed from the library, all by himself despite being a little slow reader! He also started writing letters to me! You can imagine the joy in me seeing him blossom! I didn't do anything out of extraordinary, I am just doing what I had been doing consistently and as i believe, when the child is ready, he will amazed you! Though my child cannot read a paragraph on his own before starting Primary One, but... what I am saying is.... he will be able to read eventually! At his own pace! :)

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