Learning through Play : Colours, Feelings and Motor Skills

While I had been homeschooling Big Brother last year more systematically, I am used to handling both my children on my own 24 by 7. This year Big Brother has upgraded into a mainstream school and when he is away, I can finally enjoy so many hours of "Mother & Little Brother" time! I find this period quite surreal, to be able to spend quality time alone with him! 

Well, Little Brother is still a little too little for "education". ;p And I found the new freedom of having hours a day to do the household chores at my own pace and in peace~ I teach Little Brother more incidentally, as and when, like when we do the marketing together, counting steps as we walked etc. 

I also found out that I can leave Little Brother with some papers and markers and he is able to do some doodling on his own quietly! Sometimes, we just have to let the little ones try on their own and let them amazed us huh?

So the other day i was going to fold the week's laundry, I gave Little Brother the drawing block and Dot A Art Markers. I asked him to try opening the caps of the markers by himself and was a little surprised that he had no difficulties doing it at all (unlike Big Brother). Then he started dabbling by himself so i left him to it. 

I asked if he knew how to draw and I left him at this stage where he only used the green marker.

When i came back to check on him awhile later, I was blown away! His picture is so colorful! I asked if it's a fish and he replied me no, it's a robot~~ -_-||| Hahaha. 

So i went to take out some paper plates and outline a blue circle on one plate for him and ask him to continue on his own. And immediately he put 2 dots and a line and told me he drew a face!

Pretty cool for a child that almost turned three isn't it? And I went back to continue folding the clothes, only to have him to call me back after a while. He was so excited and told me he drew different faces and honestly, I am astonished by this Little Guy's capabilities!

Him telling me about the expressions on the 4 faces.

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