Review: D'Elegance Shapewear

And so, previously I shared about my experience of D'Elegance Personal Consultation Service.  I went home with my prized D'Elegance Shapewears and had been wearing them for one month now. Are you wondering how it's been so far?

After my detailed and intimate consultation with the Business Owner, Ms Elida Teh, are you curious what products i went home with?

My D'Elegance loots were discreetly wrapped & kept into the luxurious satin pouches and placed in elegant looking shopping bags. I actually went shopping after the consultation with no embarrassment! 

D'Elegance is a 100% Singapore brand, designed in Singapore by a Singapore woman. Support local! 

Since i learnt that my precious assets can be ehem, enhanced naturally with the correct shapewear into Cup C (without absolutely no paddings or push up bra!), of course i went home with two sets of their brassiere!

Love the detailed designs on the Brassiere! The lace also makes it a very sexy piece of lingerie!

Even though my usual dressing is in tees and shorts, Elida strongly urged me to save my money to get the long girdles instead of short one, so that i can address my big hips and thighs problems. Which is really just what I need, to make changes to my lifestyle - dressing, eating, habits and also my shape! We discussed and eventually I went home with two long girdles in two different sizes - one of which is my current size, and another a size smaller! I am desperate to reshape my big hips and thighs! I wore the current size at least 4 hours a day, and whenever I am in a aircon room, I will layer on the smaller size on top of current size to make the shaping effect stronger!  (haha, i kiasu!)

The girdles are very easy to put on and take off, and very comfortable to wear even for long hours!

Lastly, to enhance my overall posture, I also went home with a bodysuit! I usually slouched so i love how I stand and seat when I am wearing the bodysuit!

Also delicately designed with details, the bodysuit comes with button underneath to allow for easy removal for toileting purposes! 

One more thing to share, the shapewears that I chose (except for the black bra), are all made with the latest Wincool fabric that is patented in Japan. It is very light, and airy, and i could wear it for more than 4 hours under my clothings even when i go out to run errands in the hot sunny Singapore! I had purchased many shapewears since my eldest was born, but this is the first shapewear that i can wear for long hours even in non air conditioned environment!

I also tried washing and hanging it to dry in my toilet and was surprised that the shapewear dried really quickly in hours! So basically, there is no downtime, i can wash and wear my shapewears daily! :)

Image about WinCool from D'Elegance

Haha, I am not brave enough to show a picture of me before starting my D'Elegance journey... So here's a before and after picture showing the shapewear effect around 3 weeks of daily wearing!

On the Left: Before wearing the shapewears and On the Right: After wearing the shapewears!

Three weeks of wearing the D'Elegance Shapewear daily:

  • I must say that the effect is significant even if I take off the shapewear now, as my tummy used to be even larger! Now, my tummy is flatter even if I do not wear the shapewear in a day. 
  • And I am also "addicted" to wearing my D'Elegance shapewears now, I actually feel more comfortable with wearing the shapewears to support my posture and body! 
  • I had also become more self conscious on remembering to eat (previously I skipped meals sometimes due to busy schedule, which resulted in me taking heavy dinner that is actually more fattening on my body)
  • I am happier! My self esteem has definitely risen and like I always say, a Happy Mummy raises Happy Children! 


Meanwhile, for readers who are keen to go for the personal consultation, you can book an appointment with them using the promotion code "Miracule" to enjoy:
  • Waiver of S$100 consultation fees when you visit D'Elegance for a personal consultation, and 
  • 5% discount off your first purchase at D'Elegance!

D'Elegance also has the following packages if you are keen to buy a set of shapewears:

As a D'Elegance member or VIP member, you can also enjoy the following benefits:

About D'Elegance
Address: 10 Anson Road #03-15/16 International Plaza Singapore 079903
Contact: 6226 3013

D'Elegance is a Singapore brand that specializes in designing exclusive shapewear selections for Asian women.

The role of mothers in society today has expanded from taking care of the home to juggling work, family, social and/or personal commitments. To fulfil her roles effectively, a mother needs to have a healthy level of self-esteem and a positive attitude towards achieving her personal goals. With these key ingredients, she can lead a happy life and contribute positively to her family, the economy and the society. At D’Elegance, we too, aspire to do our part for mothers. Beyond helping our clients look fabulous in the clothes that they wear, we empower them to constantly look and feel good – no matter their age – because we believe that every woman is born beautiful.

D’Elegance was created in 2004 by our founder, Ms. Elida Teh. She aimed to create shapewear suitable for our tropical climate and tailored to the Asian woman. That’s why she chooses to use light, airy fabrics in crafting her creations and takes pride in providing personal consultation to share shapewear knowledge with women and ensure that each of her pieces fits her customers perfectly.

This post is part of a series of posts with D’Elegance. I received D’Elegance products and also top-up for my purchases for the purpose of this review. All images and opinions are my own. No part of this blog post can be reproduced without permission.

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