Review: D'Elegance Personal Consultation Service

Sometime in Mid December last year, I went for my D'Elegance Personal Consultation Service and I was totally blown away! 

D'Elegance is a Singapore company that designs and creates shapewear especially for asian women!

I had been buying shapewears since after my first child is born and never ever had any consultation service! Well, the most is some measurements were taken (usually by myself) and then I just buy the shapewears (some i get to try on before buying) only to go home ended up not wearing them very often because it's too thick or too tedious to put on! Is it familiar to you too? So I was at first really skeptical of why would people want to spend time and money to go for personal consultation at all? 

D'Elegance is conveniently located at 10 Anson Road #03-15/16 International Plaza

I made the appointment a week earlier with D'Elegance via email and they were quick to clarify any queries that I had. You can also choose to make an appointment using the booking form on their website. One hour before the appointment, my Personal Consultant, Rain, texted me to remind me of the appointment and I can call her if i have trouble finding the place. :) Well, it really so easy and convenient to travel to their boutique located in International Plaza! I simply took the MRT to Tanjong Pagar to save on ERP, petrol and parking costs! 

When I reached there, Rain was quick to settle me down comfortably! I was brought into a cosy consultation room with a big changing area with full mirrors (like I am in a boutique for wedding gowns!) I also understand that the Personal Consultant will only serve one client at any one time to provide the full attention, thus they strictly go by appointment. That is very important you know, I do not want to be trying on shapewear halfway for the consultant to tend to another walk in customer right? 

The cosy consultation room with warm lightings allowed me to feel more at ease and relax

At a corner of the room, there is a platform with full mirrors and cover for changing, all in the same room!

The minimum one hour consultation started off with me filling in a form with my details and indication which areas I would like to improve most. Of course i ticked every boxes there! I also filled in the question of if i were to achieve my desired body curvature, what kind of happiness do i get! I will be EXTREMELY HAPPY to find the person I USED to know back in the mirror! 

The personal consultation form

I just simply hate the bulging tummy of mine even when I am standing up and it gets worse when i sit down. please tell me it's a familiar problem! 

Rain then went on explaining to me a little information about how our body issues change with lifestyle, age, childbirth and the background of D'Elegance. Shapewear also shouldn't be misunderstood as slimming as no matter if you are skinny or fat, you will only look good and confident if you have your desired shape! Lastly, a correct and good shapewear can give you instantaneous results! Perfect for big occasions like attending an important wedding where you are a VIP or events! And if we wear it for at least 4 hours a day, it does helps to alter your body shape over time (that I can vouch! As i was wearing Wink Shapewear after giving birth to help get back in shape)

Later, I learned that D'Elegance is a Singapore company that had been around for more than 10 years! It's even more inspiring to hear about the business founder, Elida Teh, and how she had been wearing shapewears for more than 25 years and started designing her own shapewear to suit asian women, our body silhouette and climate!  

I was amazed to know that Elida designed all the shapewear herself down to the details
(image from D'Elegance website)

Then i got very lucky, that Elida came to the boutique while i was there and met her in person! Elida is a tall and big boned lady in her 50's now, but she looked really elegant and poised. She carried herself so confidently that I wished I will look as graceful as she is when I am in my 50's too! I was so so so delighted when she took over my personal consultation and served me instead! 

The mirrors made me couldn't resist a selfie. haha

Elida got me to change into the gown they provided and then help to take my full measurements! I was actually very very shy lah~ My whole life, I had never taken measurements this detailed, not even when i got my first bra as a teenager! I start to appreciate the intimate personal consultation service as our conversations were done privately in the spacious consultation room, there is simply no embarrassment like of the promoter aunty shouting "what size you looking for?" etc. There is also no awkwardness as there are no other strangers around nearby. 

Consultation was also conducted over a pot of refreshing and calming tea!

Then very quickly, she brought to me various shapewears to try on. To me, this is the best part of the consultation service! Finally, i knew how to put on various shapewear correctly! She taught me the technique to put on various shapewear, and after i put them on, she taught me hands on, on how to adjust my body with the shapewear on so that the desired shape is achieve!  

Ok, how do i put it here? I was amazed when she told me the B cup bra is not good enough (what?! I didn't know I was trying on a B cup in the first place! All along I thought I am A cup, and B only if it's a push up bra!), and then she got me the C cup bra to try on instead! After putting it on and she showed me how to adjust correctly, I was able to fill the C cup bra fully, all with my own assets and read this, there is no paddings or push up function whatsoever! All along, i always thought I am very flat-chested! And Elida told me that I will be if I don't take care of my assets, an incorrect bra size or bra without a good support will move my breast fats to elsewhere over time!  

So prior to the consultation I wasn't happy with my breast (i thought it was very small), waist, tummy, hips and thighs (basically I ticked everything!) right? Well, after the consultation, I soon learn that my problem is actually my heavy bottoms!! I was so happy when Elida told me that my top and waist are still good! 

D'Elegance carries various types of shapewears to address the different needs of asian women body

So when I was deciding on which shapewear to get, although my usual dressing is in tees & shorts, Elida recommend me to save my money to get a long girdles instead of short one, so that i can address my hips and thighs problems! Isn't that just what I needed? Someone to tell me what I really need instead of what I want! 

Measurements taken before and after trying the shapewear and the D'Elegance Hexagon showing my ideal body shape, my current shape and the shape after wearing the shapewears

If you are ever looking for shapewear to reshape your body, I would recommend you to consider the D'Elegance Personal Consultation Service, because:
  1. You get an intimate one to one attention. There is no awkwardness or embarrassment. You can your full body measured comfortably, discreetly and professionally (with no hurting remarks that some lingerie promoters give)
  2. Someone is able to tell you about your body, you will learn and understand more. Probably hearing things that you don't know about your whole life like I do (wearing the wrong bra size!)
  3. You get helpful consultation what's your perfect shape and how far away you are from the perfect shape now as well as recommendation on which shape wear suits your body and lifestyle 
  4. You get to try on various shapewears and learnt the correct techniques of wearing different shapewears, including how to adjust your own body into the shape wear for effective shaping!
I will be sharing more about the shapewears that I am using now in another post. They also have packages for getting a set of shapewears too! So stay tuned! 


Meanwhile, for readers who are keen to go for the personal consultation, you can book an appointment with them using the promotion code "Miracule" to enjoy:
  • Waiver of S$100 consultation fees when you visit D'Elegance for a personal consultation, and 
  • 5% discount off your first purchase at D'Elegance!

About D'Elegance
Address: 10 Anson Road #03-15/16 International Plaza Singapore 079903
Contact: 6226 3013

Singapore’s first and foremost luxury shapewear brand, D’Elegance specialises in creating exclusive
lingerie selections for the Asian silhouette.

D’Elegance was founded in 2004 by Ms Elida Teh, born out of her passion to create functional and fashionable shapewear that combines quality, light and airy fabrics with the latest innovations in design and technology.

To ensure that every piece provides the perfect fit, D’Elegance incorporates personalised consultations into the D’Elegance customer experience.

Today, the brand is the leading label for quality, comfortable foundation garments that are designed not only to contour a woman’s curves but raise her self-confidence, enhance her true beauty and empower her to lead a more fulfilling life.

Disclaimer: I was offered to try out the personal consultation service for free and review only if I find it beneficial. All images and opinions are my own. No part of this blog post can be reproduced without permission.

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