The Things He Said

While I was driving,

Him: Mommy, why we cannot open our doors from inside the car? (Cos I activated the child locks in both the back seats where my boys are sitting)

Me: That's because it's very dangerous if one of you open the door while the car is moving! Especially Didi! Remember both of you try to play with the door before when you are younger?

Him: Why? Why we cannot open the door when the car is moving?

Me: (Ouch my brain cells... I am driving, I need to focus on the road and I need to talk to him) Hmm.. it's very dangerous you know, you might fall out of the car...

Him: But we are in our car seats and we have seat belts on you know?

Me: Hmm.. you know it's the same as we cannot open the airplane door when the plane is flying! Everything might get sucked out by the wind you know? Even if you have seat belts on!

Him: Mommy! Don't be silly! It's impossible you know! You don't try to lie to me?

Me: What do you mean?

Him: The air, the wind! It doesn't have a mouth you know! So it cannot suck you out!

Me: (OMG!!!!!!!!) Hey little buddy! DO YOU REMEMBER mommy tell you not to talk to me while I am driving? Can I explain to you later? I need to concentrate on the road now ok?

Him: Sigh.. Then who do I talk to?

Me: (Sigh!) Hmm.. can you do something else first?

Him: Sigh! Aiyah.. Ok Ok Ok! I will talk to myself first!

Me: (LOL)

And of course, I explained to him why we cannot open any of our car doors when the car is in motion. It's not just dangerous for ourselves, but it is also dangerous for other motorist (And I have to explain to him who the other motorists are....) Talking to him, requires me to keep a children's dictionary by my side, just because he will keep clarifying with me, what a word means! 

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