Review + Giveaway: Junior Young Scientist Magazines

While homeschooling 5+ years old Big Brother, I realised that he loves Science very much.

So I was looking for some good materials to use in our lessons at home. One day, when i was browsing at a Popular Bookstore, i came across this Junior Young Scientist readers! I had always thought Young Scientist is for Primary school all the way to Secondary school, however I am happy that they have a junior version for preschool children, aged 4 to 7 years old!

Young Scientist has readers all the way from K1 to Lower Secondary Level! (Image taken from Young Scientist Website)

I bought the first pack of Junior Young Scientist (which costs SGD20 a pack) home to try out with Big Brother. And after we started, there is no turning back! We completed them very quickly and I managed to get the second and third pack for Big Brother too!

There are three packs of Junior Young Scientists available currently

Each pack will come with 5 issues of the readers

What is Junior Young Scientist?
Junior Young Scientist is a new and exciting educational magazine for young children who are seeking to understand the world around them. It is filled with facts, stories and games, which will stimulate their curiosity about the wonders of science and environments near and far!

Who is Junior Young Scientist for?
Recommended for curious children between ages 4 yrs to 7 yrs.

What does it consist?  
Total of 5 magazines in a pack. Each magazine consists of 3 sections (stories) and the structure of each section is such that is begins with a pre-storytime activity which is usually a rhyme or poem. The pre-storytime section leads into the story and will be followed up by a facts page to emphasize the Science theme in the story. The section finally ends with an activity section!

Example of content pages and pre-storytime activities of two magazines

Why to buy?
At the moment the Junior Young Scientist packs are only available at Popular bookstores and on their website. Each pack costs SGD20 each, however you might like to get it directly online as there is savings of SGD2 for a single pack purchase, SGD8 savings for dual pack purchase, and up to SGD14 savings! Please check their website for more information.

So, what do we love so much about Junior Young Scientist?
  1. Colourful with Big Fonts
    My children are attracted to the colourful readers with many pictures! Yes, including our 29 months old Little Brother! It is also very thoughtful that the fonts are big and easy to read! I particularly love preschool books that uses the font that is the same as how we are teaching our young children to write, especially the small letter 'a', so that it will not be confusing for them!
    Sample pages of the stories which is told through comic style
  2. Wide Variety of Topics
    A very wide variety of science topics like the human body, animals, plants, weather etc are introduced through the magazines! I find this very important, to introduce the young ones to as many topics as possible when they are young.
  3. Tailor Made for Young Children
    All the topics are introduced in a light, simple and fun manner! Comics and pictures are also a hit with young children, and makes it easier to understand a dry subject. With the readers, it's easier for me to find topics to introduce to my boy, without going too complicated and confusing!
  4. Helps Build General Knowledge
    The facts page after each storytime can help to build up more general knowledge in young children! There are many themes and information provided, it truly save a parent a lot of time to do it on our own!
    There are also a wide variety of "Do You Know?" topics with bite sized information
  5. Easily extend to in depth learning
    I can observe easy, which are the topics that my boy loves and is interested in, and I take those topics further to do a more indepth learning with him! This way, our learning is always interesting because it's his favorite topics! For example: 
    • when we learnt about the bear didn't cut down any tree in the end to build a new home, we discussed about why is that so, who stays in the forest and how their homes look like, how deforestation might affect the world. 
    • after we read about the lifecycle of rain, i did an experience with him to paint with water at our corridor. I asked him where did he think the painting has disappeared to and what happens next. I also got him involved to hang the laundry after washing and keeping them the next day to ask him what had happened to the wet clothings.
  6. Language & Speech
    The pre-storytime activity which consists of either a poem or rhyme is perfect for us to have sessions of speech and drama at home! I let my boy practise reading it out on his own, then we try to sing (with our own make-up tunes) or act out the poem! 

Some Suggestions on using the Junior Young Scientist Magazine:
  • It's an excellent bedtime read! The magazine is really short and sweet, you can either finish one at a go or read sections of it at night before bedtime! 
  • Have outings related to topics in the magazines! We went to the Bird Park and Zoo and recapped what we read about the birds and animals! 
  • Extend the topics and do some simple projects with your little ones! Example, You can do a picture board with your child on what are the birds that cannot fly or find out the different types of animal homes and why do they live there, etc!


Young Scientist Reader Pte Ltd is very generous to agree to giveaway one set of their Junior Young Scientist to a lucky preschooler!

To participate in the giveaway, just complete all of the following steps below!
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Terms & Conditions:
  • Contest is open to fans of Miracule residing in Singapore only 
  • Please complete all steps in order to qualify for the draw. Incomplete step will be disqualified. 
  • Contest ends on Sunday night, 20 Sept 2015, at 2359 hours. 
  • Winners will be announced on the blog, my Facebook Page and notified via email. Please kindly response within 24 hours, else a next winner will be drawn. 
  • Gifts won are not for resale purposes. 
  • Prizes are subject to change and fulfillment by the sponsor. Miracule will not be liable for the prizes indicated including the experience and the event of default by the sponsors. 
  • Facebook, Instagram and Blogger are not associated with this giveaway. Information provided are for Miracule and not for Facebook, Instagram or any other social platform 
Giveaway Results

More About Young Scientist Reader
Website | Facebook
Young Scientists Reader Pte Ltd is established as an associate firm to the Singapore publishing firm Young Scientists Pte Ltd which produces the much-loved Young Scientists monthly magazine. Young Scientists Reader aims to promote the learning of Science among school children using exciting and engaging methods because it is getting ever more challenging to attract the focus of the younger generation of children in order for them to learn and retain the necessary information to excel in their Science studies. An innovative medium to deliver syllabus-based Science information that captivates the attention of school children is through the use of a comic-based magazine with stories and topics centred on a Lower Block or Upper Block Science subject. It is through the guiding principles of this medium that the Young Scientists magazine is borne. Young Scientists Reader strives to continuously work towards improving and maintaining the quality of the content so that your child will enjoy and benefit from the Young Scientists magazine.

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