It's All Animals, All The Time!

Being a stay home mum with no help, how do you think I cope with doing household chores, cooking and homeschooling my boys with no help?

In the beginning, I relied on sensory bins to keep them entertained, but I soon ran out of ideas (and time to create new bins), so it turned to the iPads but my children are weird! Even though I gave them an iPad each, they can still end up fighting for one! Things became a lot better since we subscribed to the StarHub Cable TV! We now have two TV times in our weekday schedule - once in the late morning as I prepared lunch and once in the late afternoon again when I am preparing dinner.

Well, some may argue that Television and gadgets are not good for the little ones. But I grew up watching TV and I turned out fine. There are many good television programmes out there, sometimes we just have to limit and choose the best way to keep the whole family sane! I can't possible be cutting vegetables and need to go into the playroom with the knife to break up fights right? TV time is the best way for our family, where no additional messes are created as I cooked, and no fights will happen cos they know that happened, that's when I will turn off the television.

One of the basic tier that we signed on is the Kids Pack and some of the channels are really good for entertaining for the little ones and allowing them to learn at the same time! Other than the usual Nick Junior, Disney Junior or Nickelodeon channels, something that caught our eyes is the ZooMoo channel on CH 306!

ZooMoo on StarHub CH 306, is the world’s first preschool channel that is all about animals, all the time. ZooMoo is a collaboration between some of the world’s foremost wildlife filmmakers, early childhood educationalists and technology developers. Its programming engages and entertains children with the wonders of animals, to stimulate and develop their innate emotional connection with the natural world! 

It's a channel that is very different from the Animals Planet or Discovery. It's interesting, cute, easy to understand with fun elements! Whenever I turned on the Television and asked my children what do they want to watch, my elder boy shout out loud "ZooMoo Channel!"

Big Brother especially loves the ZooMoo Channel, and he knows how to click to it himself. :) 

More About ZooMoo
ZooMoo uses an innovative approach to programming that is built around kids’ learning needs. Each hour of programming is broken up into five activity zones, with each zone comprised of short segments of between one to three minutes. The activity zones are – Explore time, Play time, Create time, Puzzle time and Quiet time. This approach to programming, devised by educational experts, is critical for learning and skill-building in kids. It provides a structure in-tune with their sense of time, attention span and ability to learn new information. 

Also, to ensure that ZooMoo was created to be an appropriate learning environment for children, the production and interactive team have an educational advisory board from the University of Otago led by Professor Jeff Smith A.B. (Princeton) Ph.D. (Chicago). The team identified five conceptual elements as key learning ingredients for kids – Teamwork (socialisation and belonging), Solving problems (creative thinking), Overcoming obstacles (confidence and will to succeed), Patterns and relational learning (organising and storing information) and Questions and discussion (reinforcing experiences), and they incorporated these elements into their shows. 

ZooMoo has a cast of funny, furry characters who help young children develop a knowledge and affection for animals, leading to a lifelong love of conservation. The ZooMoo lineup comprises 1,500+ self-contained shows, combining spectacular wildlife footage with a range of puppetry, animations, and narrative techniques to create a unique viewing and learning experience for little viewers. 

New ZooMoo Series 'Lost'
In the ZooMoo world, there are many lovable characters - the Philosopher Panda, Energetic Piglet, Zany Rocky Raccoon and the biggest star now is the intrepid wildlife photographer Flash, who gets Lost on every mission in a new series which premiered 16 Sept 2015, at 5pm daily! 

'Lost' follows Flash, ZooMoo's resident wildlife photographer, as he finds himself lost in different wildlife habitats while he tries to capture award-winning photos. Back at the headquarters, his pals Owl and Piglet have to help Flash find his way through clues and quizzes about Flash's surroundings. 

ZooMoo's Second Screen
Many may not be aware (actually all along we didn't know since we had been watching ZooMoo) is that this channel also comes with a fully synchronised second screen application that allows ZooMoo viewers to automatically collect every animal they encounter on the TV screen and bring them to life on their tablet or smartphone! The revolutionary ZooMoo second screen app opens a world of interactive activities, where the tablet becomes an extension of the channel, enhancing the viewing experience. The app is available for free download from the App Store and Google Play, just search for the keyword "ZooMoo"! 

To use the app, simply look out for the ZooSync icon on the television screen - any video clip with
this icon will unlock a gift in the ZooMoo App! Just download the App from the App Store or Google Play. Run the app while you watch the video, and watch as a Zoomer delivers you a gift! The ZooMoo app listens to ZooMoo shows, and then unlocks fun new content! If your child can't get enough, there are more ZooSync enabled clips on the Videos page.

P/S: Another amazing thing is that the app does not require to be connected to the internet at all! Run the ZooMoo App to collect content from the television using ZooSync technology - no downloads or wifi required!

How the ZooMoo App looks (image from
With the ZooMoo's second screen, your child can look after 150 animals on secluded ZooMoo Island, care for them by feeding their favourite foods, keep animals clean, watch 150 real life videos, learn animal names and sounds… and take photos!

The app also includes a Parent's Page packed with information about collected animals to help parents engage with their children, talking and learning together. There are no high scores, time limits or stress - your kids can play and learn at their own pace.

Features of the ZooMoo app
  • NEW! Look after 16 babies!
  • NEW! Collect a 'Milk' card, find out which babies drink mums milk!
  • Collect over 150 animals.
  • Collect food and feed your animals.
  • Watch real life videos of each animal.
  • Learn about scarcity and be able to identify common, rare or endangered animals.
  • Listen to animal sounds.
  • Collect the 'soap' card to keep animals sparkling clean! 
  • Some animals use mud like a sunscreen – a 'mud' card is now available!
  • Collect the 'friend' card and create friends for animals.
  • Collect the 'Night Time' card to turn day into night.
  • See what your animals are thinking about!
  • Learn about eight habitats while exploring ZooMoo Island.
  • Move animals around and pose them for the perfect snapshot.
  • Photos are saved to your photo album so you can share photos with family and friends.
  • Built-in "Parent's Page", including hundreds of facts about collected animals, and stats on gameplay!
  • No rules or stress - play any way your kids want to!
  • Kid-friendly interface!
  • No third-party advertising.
  • No in-app purchases.

If you do not have the ZooMoo channel yet, you can let your child view sample videos at


ZooMoo would like to giveaway a ZooMoo gift pack to one of Miracule's readers! 

My children received one of the ZooMoo's gift pack too! Little ones are always happy to receive gifts!

Items in the gift pack includes Stickers, Activities Booklet, Temporary Tattoos, ZooMoo characters Drawstring bags!

One of the coolest gift is this way too cool ZooMoo thumbdrive pre-loaded with ZooMoo videos!

The giveaway gift pack will include:
  • 3x ZooMoo Character drawstring bags
  • ZooMoo Activity Sheet
  • ZooMoo Sticker Sheet
  • ZooMoo Temporary Tattoos
  • ZooMoo Press Booklet
  • ZooMoo USB Thumb drive loaded with exciting ZooMoo videos!

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