Alphabet Books For The Little Ones + Free Printables

Uploaded on my Instagram last week:
Hand making alphabet books for the little one...
And there is still so much more to go!
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The other day I was busy with cutting and stapling little alphabet books for Little Brother, and some of you asked me where I printed them from. :)

I had been following The Measured Mom, who blogs to share many ideas and tools that we can use to teach our little ones. 

These awesome letter books were downloaded and printed from here, and I find them really good to use to introduce and teach the letters of the alphabet! Each book has six rhymes and/or songs for a particular letter of the alphabet! I intend to introduce one book a week to my 29 months old Little Brother, we will take our time to complete the 26 letters of the alphabet! 

Why The Measured Mom's free letter books are a great tool for your little one:
  • They’re just the right size for little hands – and if they get ripped or drawn on, you can just print another!
  • I really love the fact that each book only required 1 paper, printed double sided! I got 26 letter books printed on only 26 pieces of thick 200gsm paper!
  • I find this a more meaningful way to introduce letters to the little ones, instead of just the 
  • Rhymes are an important pre-reading skill (see why here).
  • By reading and singing the books often, many children will learn the names of the letters and their sounds.
Thank you Anna, for creating theses books that we can print and use right at home!

Sample pages of Letter A book

To assemble the books (clockwise from top left): Cut the paper in half and fold them, staple twice on the fold line, turn the other way to fold the staple in and a book is done!

Tadah~ A completed Letter B book

Tadah! I finally completed all 26 mini books! 

Hope you will enjoy the books as much as we did! Happy Learning!

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