Rockin' Comfort with Drypers Drypantz

Our Little Brother has started using the Drypers Drypantz, which was launched since last year.

Little Brother is really comfortable in his Drypantz

While the features of the pants remains, the Drypantz provides my boy with rockin’ comfort! The specially designed Activ-Core™absorbent layer helps to quickly absorb urine, prevent flow-back and provide up to 10 hours of longer-lasting dryness! That means up to 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep for both him and me, so that we both can be well rested every night. :) It also offers us a peace of mind, knowing that the drypants contains 4 Natural Plant Extracts: Aloe Vera, Olive Extracts, Chamomile and Vitamin E to help to keep my boy skin healthy and comfortable. I also like how it stays snugly on my boy and we have no leakage problem!

This boy is really very active and cheeky!
I am so glad that the pants fits him perfectly!

The Drypantz also comes with a cute soft outer cover and Comfort Fit™ in waist
provide softness feeling and greater comfort for baby.

So, while the Drypers Drypantz remains solid same, Drypers is launching its Drypers Drypantz mega pack in Singapore in a rockin' BIG way!

You might be delighted to know that the new mega pack of Drypers Drypantz comes in the following sizes and pack count. With more pants in a pack, we can make less frequent trips to the supermarkets to top up our child's diapers! Drypers Drypantz Mega Packs will be available in FairPrice, Giant and Sheng Siong outlets. 

Jumbo Pack 
(Current pack type)
S$16.50 per pack
Mega pack
(New pack type)
S$21.50 per pack
M – 44s
L – 36s
XL – 32s
XXL – 28s
M – 60s
L – 48s
XL – 42s
XXL – 36s

Image from Drypers Singapore

With the launch of the mega pack Drypers Drypantz, Drypers Singapore would like to welcome consumers to put Drypantz to test! As part of the campaign, there will be one lucky winner each week, who gets invited to a 2D1N Staycation, at the first ever Drypers Rock themed room, at Hard Rock Hotel @ Resorts World Sentosa! The campaign lasts for 6 weeks, so there will be 6 winners in total!

I was invited to visit the Drypers Rock themed room (not stay there) and I took some pictures to share with you on how awesome the Drypers Rock themed room is!

Here's how a Hard Rock Deluxe Room looks like normally (Image from Hard Rock Hotel Singapore)

Only exclusively for the winners who are invited to stay in the  Drypers Rock themed room, upon entry, you will be surprised by the many Drypers rockin' stuffs!

On the bed, there were so many gifts from Drypers, all especially for the winning families!

Clockwise from top: A new pack of Drypantz for your little one; Rock Star family wear for Daddy, Mummy and Baby; two cushions that are oh so cute!; a guitar cushion for the little one, props for photo-taking! 

That's not all! When I went into the toilet to take a look, I felt so warmth by Drypers's sweet and thoughtful touches!

Drypers toiletries and wet wipes were especially provided for the little one!

A Thank You Card by Drypers in the room

This Drypers Rock Themed staycation is so rockin' awesome! Let me tell you why: 

1) Who don't like staycations??! And who doesn't want to stay in Hard Rock Hotel Singapore?? Anybody (adults or child) will super love the hotel's super nice man-made sandy beach and stunning free-form swimming pool! It's the best place to hang out with loved ones!

2) And what's even better is that the winners can also pack lesser for the baby! No need to bring diapers, toiletries or wet wipes! If you ever bring your little ones overseas or for staycation, you will know how this gesture can lessen the packing load, even if it's only for one night of stay!

3) You get to bring home all the Drypers goodies that they provided for you in the room! Yes, all! The 3 family tees, the new pack of Drypantz, and all things mentioned in the photos above will be all yours! (but please be reminded not to bring home the hotel's stuffs, those are chargeable. And oh! The drinks in the fridge do not come free too. LOL!)

I really can imagine the winning families staying in the above Drypers rock themed room, channeling their inner rock star in a private space with a whole load of Drypers goodies!

Are you keen to be one of the lucky 6 winning families?? 

To stand a chance to become one of the 6 lucky winners (1 winner selected weekly) to stay in the first ever Drypers Rock themed room at Hard Rock Hotel, Drypers consumers will simply have to upload a rock themed photo of their baby dressed in Drypers Drypantz onto Drypers Singapore facebook page to participate in the weekly lucky draw!

Follow the following 3 steps to stand a chance to win:

  1. Take a rock themed photo of your baby (0 – 36 months at time of submission of photo) in Drypers Drypantz.
  2. Include a creative caption for your photo along with hashtags #Drypantz and #diapers
  3. Submit the photo via Drypers Singapore facebook campaign tab.

While 1 winner per week wins the staycation, there will also be additional 3 winners per week walking away with a designer’s bag worth $162! Winners will be notified via facebook on a weekly basis. Contest ends on 23 August 2015.

For those who have not tried Drypers Drypantz, log on now to to request for a free sample!

More details on the staycation can also be found on Drypers Singapore Facebook page!

Other Activities Going On

Take a picture with Drypers Rock Stars
Take a picture with the Drypers Rock Stars on certain days in August and you can walk away with a small gift! Simply by:
  1. Simply the Drypers Rock Stars (Hint: They will be in blue Drypers T-shirts!) 
  2. Take a photo with them. 
  3. Post the photo on any social media platform and hashtag ‪#‎Drypantz‬ ‪#‎diapers‬
  4. Walk away with a 10s Drypers Wet Wipes!

The wet wipes giveaway is only applicable to parents with babies aged between 0 - 3 years old.

Please follow Drypers Singapore on their Facebook to be updated of the locations and timings!


About Drypers
Catering to babies from 0 to 15+ kg, Drypers provide a full range of consistently high quality diapers that undergo stringent lab tests for your baby’s growing needs. Drypers offers 2 formats of diapers – tape and pants diaper. Drypers diapers are available at most leading supermarkets and hypermarkets including Cold Storage, FairPrice, Giant, Guardian and Sheng Siong now.

Disclaimer: I received two packets of Drypers Drypantz for Little Brother's user experience and review purposes. I was invited to visit and view the Drypers Rock Themed Room at Hard Rock Hotel and is compensated for this post. All images and opinions are mine, unless otherwise stated.

If you enjoy reading this post, please like me on my Facebook Page as it's where i connect with my readers. I will be very delighted if you can also add me on my newly set up social media accounts - Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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