The Things Little Brother Says

It's great Singapore Sale at the moment! Hubby who is working in Orchard with all the shopping malls told me that everywhere is on sale!

When I asked him about my favorite shop H&M, he said currently the sale is only at the Women's section and my mouth pouted immediately. I am so so stuck with my two boys, on week days when I bring them marketing, it's already so difficult to buy anything with them, as they are so active and they FIGHT all the time! Week ends? We always go out together as a family and the last time we were in a mall, we went home rather quickly without buying anything for ourselves!

Since I had my first child, I had turn online to shop, usually late in middle of night when I am breastfeeding my babies! You should really check out the ZALORA Mastercard Promotions where you get extra 7% off storewide when you use Mastercard on Thursday! (Luckily not for use every day, else Hubby might kill me very quickly!)

Ok, back to the amazing things my newly turned two years old said!

He, who was slower in speech compared to Big Brother. He, who only has his first tooth at 13 months old. He, who only can speak few double words to suddenly holding adult like conversations with me! I don't know how he picked up all theses, it's definitely very different from when Big Brother was just two years old!

On last Friday, we had decided to go to the Singapore Zoo at the very last minute.

I asked Little Brother "Didi! Do you want to go to the Zoo?"

LB: "Noooooo...."

Me: "Why? Do you know what's a Zoo? Do you want to see Giraffes?"

LB: "Noooo gerush!"

Me: "Do you want to see Elephants?"

LB: "Noooooo! Dunwaaan air-phant!"

Me: "Then what animals do you like?"

LB: (He really put one finger to his chin) "Hmmmm.. Ah!! Tortise!!!!"

Me: "What?! You like Tortoise meh?!" (And I laughed)

I decided all theses are too precious memories for myself, so when i changed him, I asked him again and took a video for memory! :)

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