Keeping The Car Really Clean and Pest Free

Being a stay home mommy looking after my two young boys myself, I can almost do everything except for washing and cleaning the family car! 

It's really impossible and too dangerous for me to bring my children with me to the washing bay to wash the car right?! I tried going to the petrol station car wash service and thought it's a good idea to go weekly, but Hubby disagreed and he thinks that he can do a better job! (Men!!) So the task of cleaning the car has been assigned to him, however, i think most family can relate to this: weekdays after work hubby will be too tired to wash and clean the car, weekends are our golden timing and we are out for outings most of the time, so I think our car only get a wash around once a month??! 

Actually, to me, it doesn't really matters if the car is dusty or dirty in its exteriors, but it's a very big deal to me if the interiors are not clean and very dusty. Why? Because years ago, I read this news and I must share it with you now, extracted from Mirror Online
"A car steering wheel is far filthier than a public toilet seat, harbouring nine times as many germs, a survey reveals. 
A public loo is home to 80 bacteria for every square inch and a half. But 700 harmful bugs live in the same area on a steering wheel, gear stick and back seat. 
Scientists also said the car boot was the filthiest area, with 1,000 bacteria for every one and half square inches. The study found that bacillus cereus – a bug that can cause food poisoning and is found in rice, pasta, potatoes and pies – was the most common along with arthrobacter, which is found in soil and human skin."  

Scary or not?!!! I simply can't remove what I read, from my head, and whenever I have that spare minutes, I will wipe the interiors of my car using my sanitising wet tissues, hoping to kill some germs! 

That not the only woes of our car! Almost three years ago, when I was heavily pregnant with Little Brother, I was also "haunted" by a big lizard for days. During the same pregnancy, there was also one time where we had an infestation of cockroaches! A happy couple of roaches must have made our car their love nest and were happily hatching eggs in the car, breeding their offsprings! We didn't know where to turn to, so we relied on roaches bait and lizard traps that I bought from supermarkets! From then on, we banned eating in the car! But that still didn't stop the pest problems completely. 

Imagine my excitement when I found out EuroAuto Lounge that has car interior sanitization treatments available!

Three Interior Sanitization Treatments available (Image by EuroAuto Lounge)

I quickly booked a 2-stage Interior Fumigate service with them and waited excitedly for the actual day to arrive! The day before the appointment, I had actually removed most of the items in the car (you can't believe it! The car is almost like a storeroom to us!) to aid their cleaning process. 

I also like that EuroAuto Lounge is very organised. Upon booking, they sent me a confirmation email with calendar invite to block out my time slot. They also sent a reminder email one day before the service, as well as another email after completion of service to ask for my feedback!

EuroAuto Lounge is located in Siglap at 51 Jalan Tua Kong Singapore 457250.
It quite easy for me to get there using Google Map on my phone.

When I arrived, t
he staffs assisted by assessing and marking on a report, the conditions of my car. They followed by helping me to take out my two children's car seats, as well as cleared and packed the loose items inside the car & boot into plastic bags to be returned at the end of the treatment. 

Thereafter, they started the Anti Pest Fumigation process by fogging the whole vehicle with ULV Benticide. Here's a video to share how they fumigate my vehicle, including my boot! :) It's really a smoky affair and yes, I was wearing a mask too! 

Once the Fumigation Fogging has been done, they left the vehicle enclosed for 30 minutes, to allow the pesticide to work within the vehicle. 30 minutes later, they checked the interiors, car boot and engine bay very thoroughly for any pests or cocoon. I was very very shocked at what was found dead inside! Despite no eating inside the car and not seeing the pests myself for so long, there were still cockroaches inside the car!!! What's worst is we also found 1 Bed Bug under my seat!!!!! *HORROR*

Felix, the Operations Manager from EuroAuto Lounge, explained to me that it's possible to find Bed Bugs, especially people who go on road trips and I really felt a lump at my throat as I swallowed my own saliva! We had been going for road trips the past months! And I always put my groceries and bags on the floors of my car! I am so lucky that I haven't encounter a cockroach coming out with my wallet from my bag yet!

The dead canvasses found inside my car, and if you noticed, there is actually one BED BUG!!

Can you imagine, the above extracted are what we can see with our visible eyes! What about the rest that we cannot see easily like dust mites, fleas, ants, or those bacteria and germs!!! And I shuddered to think the "pest parties" theses insects have nightly in the car, crawling all over, especially the areas my children come in contact with! Both my boys love putting their hands to their mouth some more! OMG!!

Theses are just some of the dead pests extracted from my car! 

The sanitisation service continued with the staffs doing an Indepth Jet Vacuum of all areas in the car, including the carpets, below the carpets and whole boot area, even where the spare tyre hides. They wiped down the interior, seats and doors with KochChemie Multi Interior Cleaner, followed by another round with Wonderkleen, to kill the bacteria on all surfaces. Of course, the service also includes the usual interior cleaning done by other car cleaning companies like applying KochChemie Cockpit Care on the dashboard and KochChemie Top Star Leather Conditioning for the seats. 

Products used are all ISO Certified. Some of them are Singapore General Hospital certified too!

That's not all, they also gave the whole car (including the air-con system) a 15 minute circulation by a ProMed Ozonic Generator, which is able to achieve a 99.99% bacteria-free environment, certified by Singapore General Hospital (SGH). (I saw the certifications at the workshop) The service is finally completed with Viral-Rid Anti Bacteria (All Products used are ISO and SGH certified) 

After 5 hours or so, my vehicle is finally ready for collection! 

Felix, the operations manager at EuroAuto Lounge, showed me around my own vehicle to explain the steps they took and also gave me some tips on keeping the car clean.

all areas are cleaned, and i can have a safe of mind knowing that they are also sanitised and no longer bacteria breeding grounds!

Sorry but I have to share this picture! Roaches from other cars! They told me I am lucky my car only has one bed bug because they came across a car with serious bed bug infestation!

EuroAuto Lounge also shared with me that because they used the ProMed Ozonic generator to sanitise the whole cabin environment, including the aircon system, it's normal to have the ozonic smell within the car for days. While some drivers may not like it, I am totally fine with it.

Upon reaching home after the car collection, I turned around and asked my boys how does the car smell?
They showed me the answer! :) 

After the fumigation service last Friday, I am truly converted on why it's necessary to do a thorough full interior cleaning of the vehicle, including fumigation and sanitization. As I am also the week day driver, we spend a lot of our time daily, travelling in the car. I really feel a lot better knowing that we have total control not just over the pests, but also the germs/bacteria/moulds inside the car too!

And when i was leaving my parked car on Friday night, I saw a small cockroach running towards my vehicle! It ran really quickly to under my car, before I can even stomp my feet to scare it off! Now, I know why Felix shared with me that most of his clients actually take up the One Year 2-stage Interior Fumigate Package that consists of 4 sessions (to repeat the service once every 3 months) at S$588!

{{{Once again, Sharing is Loving!}}}

I am so glad that EuroAuto Lounge has generously agreed to allow my readers to enjoy the same service I did at a really special good rate! You can make an appointment with them through 9837 5603 (Either by SMS/WhatsApp/Call) and remember to quote "Miracule" to enjoy the special rate! 

The 2-Stage Car Interior Fumigate Service

Normal Price: S$228nett / session
Special Trial Price for Miracule's readers: S$128nett 
Note that additional surcharge of S$50 applies for MPV/SUV/Large Flagship Luxury Sedans. 

  1. ULV Benzatide Fumigation 
  2. Comprehensive Wipedown and Multiple Checks 
  3. In-depth Jet Vacuum 
  4. Wonderkleen Sanitization 
  5. Koch Chemie Leather Star Protection 
  6. Koch Chemie Top Star to protect your dashboard 
  7. Carpet Jet Vacuum 
  8. ProMed Ozonic Treament (Circulate within whole cabin inclusive of Aircon System) 
  9. Complete with Viral-Rid Anti Bacteria (Products used for Interior are ISO and SGH certified) 

Duration: Up to 6 hours (Depending on Vehicle size and Cabin interior clean up) 

Treatment Location : 
EuroAuto Lounge Detailing Centre @ 51 Jalan Tua Kong Singapore 457250 (in Siglap)
(Appointment Basis through 9837 5603 – SMS/WhatsApp/Call) 

{{{G i v e a w a y  T i m e}}}

Once again, a Big Thank You to EuroAuto Lounge for the generosity! They have also agreed to sponsor one of my lucky reader a free trial of the 2-stage Car Interior Fumigation (worth S$228)! 

To join the giveaway, please follow the steps in the Rafflecopter below:

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Terms & Conditions:
  • A surcharge of S$50 applies applies for MPV/SUV/Large Flagship Luxury Sedans
  • Contest is for people residing in Singapore only. 
  • Prize won are not for resale
  • Giveaway ends on Sunday night, 12 Jul 2015, at 2359 pm. 
  • Winners will be announced on the blog, my Facebook Page and notified via email.


Why do we need to deep clean and sanitize the car interiors? 
Car interiors can be excellent allergens breeding grounds. Allergens like dust, moulds and bacteria etc, get accumulated in the seats, upholstery, dashboard, floorboards and carpets to make the air that is breathe in more polluted than ever. The best way to reduce this type of pollution in the car is to switch to non-toxic services and products such as the deep cleaning and natural ingredient cleaners that EuroAuto Lounge uses. Deep clean the car interior regularly can improve one's' health, and to keep the whole family away from allergy and bacterial infection. 

Car owners are also often plagued by pest issues, which can be solve by joining their Anti Pest Fumigation program. Do be assured that EuroAuto uses products that are SGH and ISO certified to exterminate pests within an enclosed space. SGH and ISO certified products are high quality product that are safe for human environment consumption and are gentle for car interior as well. 

Moulds and Bacteria 
We rarely deep clean in all areas of the car's interior on regular basis, this leaves various forms of mould and bacteria free to sprout and thrive in the untreated conditions. These unwanted guests can have damaging effects on the health, causing allergy like nasal, headaches, nausea, skin irritation, asthma. In the long term more serious respiratory and lung difficulties. Therefore, preventing mould (mildew) and bacteria inside the car is become extremely important. 

Asthma and Allergy 
Some main signs of allergy are itchiness, sneezing, inflamed or infected eczema, watering/reddening eyes, runny nose and clogging in the lungs. Allergens are tiny and light perfect for taking wing in the ducts and open air of spaces around your house. Allergens produced by house dust mites are among the most common triggers of asthma. 

More Information about EuroAuto Lounge
EuroAuto Lounge represents a game change in the way you will know about vehicle retailing. It is a boutique showroom concept that combines four divisions with one focused purpose - They aim to be your lifetime Automotive Solution Provider; with the sole intent of bringing you the most human-centric experience. You step into an environment that embodies a personality and lifestyle through luxurious store environments, admirable showroom associates, a high performance exotic car catalogue and most of all through an effortless way of life desired by most and enjoyed by few.

More Information of KochChemie
In 1968 Hans Koch started to develop his own formulas for polishes in his workshop. He was dissatisfied with the poor quality of vehicle care products at the time. As a qualified cabinetmaker he had a special passion for perfect surfaces and a great love of detail. The products he created were of such excellent quality that they were accepted enthusiastically by the experts – industrial customers. Over the following years a company has grown that has set new standards on the market with innovative concepts in the areas of carwash chemicals, vehicle valeting and industrial and workshop floor cleaning. Through constant development over decades of research and development and production, the family-owned company is now a leading supplier of cleaning and care products for the complete automotive sector. Well-known automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and VW, as well as independent institutes, have tested our products and approved them for global application. The high quality of the products is proved in daily practical use in countless wash systems, carwashes, automobile factories, car dealerships, industrial companies and the largest vehicle valeting companies.

Disclaimer: We were invited by EuroAuto Lounge to try out the 2-Stage Interior Fumigate Service (worth S$228). We are not obliged to blog about it if we are not satisfied with the service. All opinions and images are my own, unless otherwise stated. for trial and review purposes. 

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