Parenting Seminar at Rise & Shine Festival 2015 + Discount Code

How time flies! Almost one year ago, I shared about the Rise & Shine Expo 2014, and the yearly event is back! Rise & Shine Festival 2015 will be happening from 28 - 30 August 2015 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall 401 - 405!

Together with the Enrichment & Play Festival, there will also be kids trial classes as well as parenting seminars held.

This year, I would particularly like to highlight on one of the the parenting seminar which resonates with me - "Appreciating your child", for I also believe that there is no child that cannot be taught well. There are only parents who do not know how to teach...

About The Seminar

Do you have a misbehaved and disobedient child? Or a child who is disfiant, whiny, temperamental, stubborn and constantly throwing tantrum?

If you have, how are you tackling your child’s negative behaviour? Do you instill fear with loud scolding voice and cane that normally leads to sore throats, tears and frustrations?

If you are in this position, sign up for this workshop as the international speaker will show us how to tackle our child’s negative behaviours based on a widely successful parenting philosophy known as “Appreciation Education”.

This parenting approach build on the principle that parents should focus on a child’s strengths and builds upon these positive traits to inculcate a healthy self-esteem and thereby, encourage positive behaviours. Conversely, a negative education would be one in which the child’s weaknesses and shortcomings are highlighted and magnified, causing the child to lose confidence, allowing him to sink in the misguided mentality that “I am a bad child”. When a child falls into a negative mindset, bad behaviours will follow and it’s parents’ responsibility in pulling their child out of that mindset.

This parenting approach believes that it is important to know that bad behavior often arises from an underlying reason. Punishing our children for their wrong behavior is almost like just chipping at the tip of an iceberg—we need to look for the underlying source of the bad behavior and address the root of the misbehavior. But how do we do it?

So join in this workshop to learn: 
  • Lean how you can focus on a child’s strengths and builds upon these positive traits to inculcate a healthy self-esteem in the child 
  • How to look for the underlying source of the bad behavior and address the root of the misbehavior 
  • How to teach a child to tell from right to wrong all by himself 
  • How to calm a child with bad temper 
  • How to nurture good relationship between you, your spouse and children 
  • How to understand your kids and motivate them in the right way


DATE: Saturday, 29 August 2015
TIME: 11:30am – 2:30pm
VENUE: Suntec Convention Room 303 – 304
PRICE: S$58 / Couple, S$36 / Single
FREE: Goodie Bag worth S$50!

This talk is held partially in Chinese so it will be a good opportunity to invite grandparents along. :)

If you are keen, you can register at: Remember to use the promo code MIRACULE to enjoy 30% off!
Promo code ends on 10th July 2015! So act fast to enjoy the discounts!

About The Speaker

Mr. Wei Jianhui is the Senior Advisor of Appreciation Education, China. He is involved in research of family, children and marital relationship matter and many advisory work. He has trained thousands of parent from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. He was also engaged by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (Singapore) training their groups.

About The Parenting Concept

This parenting concept is developed by Prof Zhou Hong, which focuses on a child’s strengths and builds upon these positive traits to inculcate a healthy self-esteem in the child.

He began his journey to teach his deaf daughter Zhou Tingting after refusing to accept the norm expectation of a handicapped child. Every time that Tingting did something right, her father will show her "thumb-up" which had encouraged her to continue. It was a true affirmation and appreciation to every small success. That had built confidence and self motivation to learn even more.

The first step was teaching Tingting to read, write and possibly to speak. Via a great deal of practice, at age 3 she managed to intone simple words, and by age 6 she had learned 2,000 Chinese characters. Tingting's struggle to be "normal" pushed to exceed far beyond that of her non-disabled peers. At age 8, she could recite Pi to 1,000 figures past the decimal point, breaking the Guinness World Record at the time. At 10, she co-authored a book, From a Deaf Girl to a Talented Child. At 11, Tingting was selected as one of China's Top 10 Young Pioneers by the Communist Youth League of China, the Ministry of Education and the National Working Committee of China Young Pioneers and CCTV.

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