Breastfeeding And Acne

Right now, I have 5 huge and painful deep in the skin acne and also countless surface pimples on the face now.. As the acne healed, new painful one surfaces every other day... :(

This happened when I was pregnant with Big Brother and also during the time when I breastfed him for 18 months. My skin cleared up immediately when he self weaned from breastfeeding at 18 months old.

And three years ago, it started all over again when I was pregnant with Little Brother and has been plaguing me up to now... leaving endless scars and marks as well as eye sores reddish fierce acne on the face.

I am still breastfeeding Little Brother now and as long as I am breastfeeding, my face will just simply continues it's 痘痘 party. Even when I asked the doctor if he can do something to my acne, when he heard I am still breastfeeding, he said "没办法咯,做妈妈就是这样伟大的". Hormones...

I didn't breastfeed because I want to be 伟大, I breastfeed out of love. The joy I got from breastfeeding my babies is greater than my own beauty which will not last anyway.

And I am feeling a little sad and emotional, not because my acne are so painful and ugly, but because Little Brother is 26 months old now... I think my breastfeeding career will be all over soon...

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