The Things He Said

I was outside waiting at the reception area of HeArt Studio, while Kyle was having his art class with Teacher Jay.

It was the start of new theme - Aeroplanes. I overheard the Teacher introducing to Kyle the simple history of aircrafts, and the different types of aircrafts, He also introduced the name of the parts of an airplane. He told Kyle that towards the end of the class he will show him some videos of aircrafts.

I almost fell off my chair when I heard something Kyle said

"Last time my mummy showed me the video of the airplane crashed, I like it very much you know?"

"What?!! What are you saying K? That is very weird you know!"

"I am not scare, it is (referring the the sounds) very soft. The video is very nice! I love the video very much!"

I was outside in shocked and kept on thinking what the hell was Kyle talking about? What video??? And how could say he love watching the air plane crashed?? Was it the videos he watched repeatedly playing on the news when we were  traveling in Taiwan?

Finally after the class, when we were back in the car driving out for lunch. I quickly asked him about his conversation with his teacher and I asked him since when I showed him video of air crashes and how can he say he like air planes crashes? I kept going on and on about the seriousness of a plane crash.

He said yes. I show him. At home. That show very nice. The uncle drove the plane and knocked into another airplane wings. 

Then came my realization.

It's was the Nicholas Cage's movie "Left Behind" he was referring to!!!! So what he actually meant was that the whole movie was very nice. And it wasn't a loud movie. Not he love play crashes! He said the uncle saved everyone on the plane!

This made me realized how lacking in communication he is! And how wrong it can be!

Wahaha. I must remember to help clarify to the teacher when we go for the next lesson!


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