Stop the Eye Epidemic in Kids (Seek SG)

Last month, I came across a very meaningful project organised by a group of 4 students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) who seek to raise awareness about myopia in young children. I am really impressed that the youths make an effort for the future generation of Singapore, by partnering with the Health Promotion Board (HPB) on a campaign called Stop the Eye Epidemic in Kids (Seek SG) that encourages parents to bring kids outdoors regularly to combat myopia.

Do you know?
Developing myopia before the age of 10 is especially serious, as it increases the chances of going blind later in life. Singapore has the highest rates of myopia in the world and 1 in 4 Primary One children wears spectacles, making it a serious issue. This is why the Seek SG campaign was initiated back in August 2014.

What's going on?
The Seek SG tries to reach out in the following ways, hopefully to help lower the myopia rates in Singapore:

1) To promote going outdoors, Seek SG has organised 4 outdoor family events on 7 Feb, 14 Feb, 28 Feb and 7 Mar 2015! These events coincide with the launch of the “Seeker’s Trail” outdoor activity booklets series. Apart from a live story-telling session of the “Seeker’s Trail” series for children and parents, there were also educational games and sports at the events. 

Our family attended the Seeker's Trail Family Outdoor Day on Valentine's Day at Pasir Ris! 

Us at the Seeker's Trail at Pasir Ris Park on Valentine's day (Photo by Seek SG)

Hubby and Little Brother while me and Big Brother went to the playground to play
(Photo by Seek SG)

Would like to thank the wonderful youths volunteers behind the event at Pasir Ris!
We had an enjoyable and unforgettable Valentine's day! 

2) You can also follow Seek SG on their Facebook and Instagramto be updated on their campaign’s progress! On their social media platforms, they shared photos from #KOOOTD (kids’ outdoor outfits of the day), useful information on myopia, as well as a series of videos where parents on the streets were interviewed to find out how well-informed they are about myopia. I am sure you will find the content on their social media platforms interesting and useful.

As a parent, I am sure you would want to be more aware of the threat of childhood myopia and how to prevent it. Bring your children outdoors more often! :)

About SEEK: Stop the Eye Epidemic in Kids

Seek SG is conceived by four Nanyang Technological University students of Wee Kim Wee School of Communications and Information. After tossing campaign ideas around for many hours at a cafe, a group of children caught their eye. They had their gaze transfixed to their electronic device, paying no heed to their environment. Almost immediately, the Seek team came to a unanimous decision — to help Stop the Eye Epidemic in Kids. Seek SG was hence born from that day forth.

The Seek Singapore Campaign was launched with their eyes set on one common goal: to inspire and empower parents in ensuring a new generation of healthy, confident and bright-eyed Singaporean children. To achieve this goal, Seek Singapore is targeted at parents to take charge of their children's eye health at an early age by bringing them outdoors regularly, so as to combat early childhood myopia.

If you would like to know more about the Seek SG campaign, please visit Some short and sweet facts on myopia can be found at In addition to the website, Seek SG is also on Facebook,, and Instagram,

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