Drypers Drynights: Good Night and Sleep Tight

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Since the birth of my firstborn 5+ years ago, every night before we sleep, I will say to each of my precious sons "I love you very much! Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!"

"I wish I may, I wish I might, i wish for my children a good sleep tonight!" 

I believe every mother is like me, I want my children to have a safe and uninterrupted sleep every night, dreaming of only good things. To ensure my children sleep well, I looked into every possible aspect that can possibly affect their sleep:
  • I let them wear long sleeves and long pants pyjamas made of comfortable material to sleep in
  • We sleep in an air conditioned room with temperature kept at 27 degree which is for us, the most optimum temperature and humidity. 
  • I keep the air purifier on while we sleep to ensure the best quality of air that my children breathe
  • I ensure that the block-out curtains are pulled so the room is dark and cozy, we can fall asleep easily and won't be affected by any lights
Lastly, before we turn in for the night, I make sure my elder boy goes to the toilet to clear his bladder and for my youngest one, now, i started putting on a Drypers Drynights diaper on him, to keep him comfortable through the night for more sweet dreams!

The front and back view of the packaging of new Drypers Drynights Diapers

Drypers Drynights, is a recently launched new night diaper that provides up to 12 hours of dry comfort for our babies!

This diaper has one of the longest absorption core i ever seen in diapers, which is better in keeping my child dry and comfortable through the night. 

It also comes with leak guards to prevent leaks in the morning. Waking up to find the bed wet is every parent's nightmare! So i am very particular about letting my children wear diaper that doesn't leak!

It's actually my first time coming across a night time diaper as well as it's our first time trying to use one! I think it's a good idea to have day and night diapers because neither hubby or myself will wake up to change the wet diaper. I am one guilty mommy who couldn't wake up in the middle of the night to change diaper for our little brother. :( His skin on his bottoms used to be slight red in the mornings, despite me applying nappy ointment generously for him the night before. I love that the Drypers Drynights contained the 4 Natural Plant Extracts – Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Olive Extracts and Vitamin E that are gentle on my baby's skin and helped keep it healthy and comfortable!

I find the designs on the Drypers Drynights tranquilising! Do you think so?

Once again, I am amazed how this slim diaper can absorb all my boy's urine and keep him dry for up to 12 hours!

I think the Dryper Drynights is also very useful if you are starting to toilet train your child! In the day, the child can go diaper-less while we bring him to toilet frequently and in the night we can just use one Drypers Drynights to last him throughout the night!

Our nightly routine for past few nights was to change into a pair of comfy pyjamas and putting on the Drypers Drynights for little brother!

Little brother tried to pull his own pants up, we are ready for bed!

I find it unbelievable, but we have been using the Drypers Drynight for a few days now, little brother who used to wake at 7+am daily had still been sound asleep at 930am! And he had on the Drypers Drynights for slightly more than 12 hours! If only i knew about this trick earlier, i would have been able to "buy" the extra peaceful time every mornings to clear some chores like hanging the laundry while my children sleep in!

It was already 935am and I completed my chores. I couldn't resists taking a picture of my sleeping angel!

I always believe that a happy mom will have a well rested and satisfied happy baby!

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