Review on the I.belibaby Hipseat Carrier

When my elder son was born, I have bought and used many different carriers before i settled down on a Patapum ergonomic carrier, which is the most comfortable and i am still using it now for my younger son. I love baby wearing, anytime, anywhere!

As my trusty Patapum is really tattered and worn out, with some seams giving way, I thought it's time for a new carrier. And as timely as the thought I had, I had recently chatted with my friend, who is distributing and retailing the I.belibaby products! They carry the I.belibaby hipseat carrier and thus I had the opportunity to trial and review it! As you have already know, hip seats are useful for carrying active toddlers who like to walk and explore when you bring them out out, yet become tired out after a short while. A hipseat carrier marries the best of both a hipseat and a carrier! I know that on the market there are many with prices ranging up to SGD200+!

I.belibaby Hipseat Carrier in Light Blue with beautiful 

I.belibaby Hip Seat Carrier are made with baby's safety and comfort in mind. The combined 2 in 1 hip seat carrier is simple to use and comfortable to wear in various positions, relieving the baby weight and easing the strain on shoulders, compared to traditional carriers. 

Comes with 2 straps: Shoulder Strap and Halter Neck Strap 
Colours Available: Light Blue, Orange, Brown and Maroon (click here to view the colors)
Recommended age: From 3 months onwards 
Recommended weight: 3kg to 18kg
Retail Price: SGD79.90 only! (Psst! Follow them on Facebook to be updated on the unbelievable and unbeatable deals!) 

The I.belibaby hipseat carrier comes with cute scribbles and doodles design

Top: a non-slip backing on the hipseat area.
Bottom: a zipper revealed a plastic seat within.

What I really like about I.belibaby Hipseat Carrier (since i have not tried other Hipseat carriers before):
  • The first thing that attracted me was the bright light blue color and trendy cute prints on the carrier! I heart it so much! 
  • It's versatile and provide three ways of using (with shoulder or neck straps, and just the hipseat alone!)
  • Little Brother can either face me (the wearer) or he can also face the front to view the world!
  • Little Brother loves it when he is front facing, he can see everything that I am seeing as we walked!
  • Little Brother is comfortable in the carrier. He can sit for very long without protesting!
  • Being a cleanliness freak, I am very glad that I can remove the plastic seat and throw the whole carrier (everything) into the washing machine for washing! Easy wash and hung to dry so I can wash it often!
  • There is a zipper compartment as well as a slot where i can keep the keys, some cash, a card as well as tissue! Especially great when I am just going nearby to grab some groceries! 
  • It's very very cheap that I can buy it in another color for matching my attire, if I want to! Look out for their unbelievable bundle promotions!

There is also a small zipper compartment and a slot on the carrier itself for storing small items like keys, cards or tissue!

Maximum airflow with this airy carrier

What I dislike about a hipseat carrier:

  • The hipseat makes the whole carrier very bulky for my short body and small frame.
  • There is a strain on my shoulders when my boy is front facing, mainly because he is very excited when he can see the whole world and moves alot.
  • I do not like the bulk of the hipseat when my boy is not in the carrier and is walking around on his own. It gets into my way and reminds me of pregnant time. 
  • I cannot fold or keep it easily in my bag when not in use. It also takes up a lot of storage space when I am not using it, be it at home or in the car, or when I am in public with the stroller. 
  • It is not comfortable for the child to sleep in, as it lacks the sleeping net to hold the head of the sleeping child. 
  • Because of the bulk of the hipseat, I find that it requires more effort for me to put my child into the carrier. I have to raise him higher which can be quite taxing for my small frame. 

Easy to use Velcro and secure buckles

Child can be koala bear hugging me or front facing

My boy loves to be front facing, as he can see the world as we walked. 

Overall, both me and my boy are happy with the I.belibaby hipseat carrier. Whenever my boy sees me wear the carrier on my body, he will come to me very fast for me to carry him. Seriously, at only SGD79.90 (or lesser if you buy the bundle promotion), I really cannot comprehend why anyone will spend SGD200 for a similar carrier! Probably the differences in price could be due to branding, material differences as well as accessories? 

To end, here's sharing a demo video by on how to use the I.Belibaby Hipseat Carrier. :)

For more information, please visit

Disclaimer: I received a light blue I.belibaby Hipseat Carrier for review purposes only. No other form of compensation is involved and all images used are mine and copyrighted.

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