The Things He Said

This morning as per usual, after I sent Big Brother to school, I went home quickly and started doing the household chores. Less than an hour later I realized there were three missed calls on my mobile (which was switched to silent mode) and a SMS from my son's teacher.

The sms from the teacher

This is the first time I received a call from the school and I felt my heart was almost in my mouth! Needless to say, I called back immediately.

Turned out that my boy was crying a while after entering the class, he cried louder and louder and the teacher asked him why. He said he was very sad, his mummy is caught in a fire and died already. He wants to go and find his mummy.


The teacher told that his mummy is safe and fine. And she offered to call his mother so that he can speak to me. But alas, I felt so bad that just nice today the phone was on silent mode and I couldn't offer him the reassurance in time.

Seriously, I still feel bizarre and spooked out. This is such an abnormal incident and I wonder if his is stressed from attending EIPIC which also started in Jan this year. *Pray & Hope* its not some premonition man!!!

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