Bye Bye Kyle?

It was a Fruity Friday which means we are suppose to pack fruits for the children to bring to school for snack. However I had forgotten to put the cut apples into Big Brother's backpack.

After I brought Big Brother to school, I was doing grocery shopping and suddenly remembered I forgotten to bring his apple snack! So i went home immediately to take it and bring it back to school.

When I arrived outside his class, it was about time for their next lesson (they are required to move from classroom to classroom for different lessons). I stood outside the closed door and heard the form teacher said "Bye Bye Kyle!" followed by the classmates going together "Bye Bye Kyle!" Some of them added " You cannot go!" "You will be alone here!"

And I heard his voice, he said "No! I will not be alone!"

The door opened, the teacher was shocked to find me standing outside. Kyle just finished wearing his shoes. Of course I know why! My son is slow. Whatever you asked him to do, he will be slow to react, as if he didn't hear you or he has too much on his mind to process the instructions. 

Recently the new chinese teacher complained to me , asking me to label his name big big outside his shoes so that he can find his shoes quickly. She said the whole class is always waiting for him.. But his shoes are already labeled on the insides and the teacher just do not understand that even if I let him wear red shoes to school, he will still be slow to wearing them. 

I am not sure if I am too sensitive, I am ok with the teachers complaining to me. But what the new form teacher did, lead the young and innocent classmates to follow into taunting my boy, who the teacher is aware that he has autism. Is it consider an act of ostracize?

I am not aware if my child minds, but I do not feel comfortable after hearing it myself. What will you do if you were me?

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