Learning Through Play with My Playhaus Large Pasture House

I think the wildest, never ever thought before, dream came true for my boys, when the owner from My Playhaus Singapore delivered the Large Pasture House to us! After all, I was the one who had been keeping all the cardboard boxes and wanting to DIY something for them to play with. Big Brother has never asked me for a playhouse before, and honestly, both Hubby and I really failed miserably in the DIY of play things using cardboard. 

Before the delivery, I had guessed that Big Brother will be happy and excited to see it, but he turned out to be extremely delighted and overly excited! Haha, it's very long since i see my boy opened his eyes so big and that sparkle that lit up in his eyes when he saw the parcel!

he usually won't posed for me, but when i asked him to take a picture with
his "present" he was so enthu and even gave me a few poses!

That very night, he kept insisting and begging me to "build" the house for him, and so i did. We assembled the house within 45 minutes, all while i was watching the korean drama on television. Then, we spent another hour plus late into the night coloring portions of it! It was full of fun for us and you can see from the video below.

My Playhaus Singapore retails cardboard playhouses that are:
  • Green and Environmental friendly.
    The playhouses are made from recycled materials and safety tested. It's made with precision, there will be no wastage as compared to when DIY a playhouse by oneself. 
  • Safe.
    Though while assembling, I had paper cut by some edges, but after the house is fully assembled, i had check for the same if my children were to be playing and found it to be safe. This is already A LOT safer than if I were to DIY a playhouse myself using a pen knife!
  • Very easy for parents.
    This playhouse really save me A LOT of time from creating one from scratch. It's just straight to the fun with no tears or pulling of hair! And it is very easy to assemble, almost a no brainer as i only refer to the instruction sheets occasionally (it could just be me though, ;p)
  • Easy to keep.
    The whole assembled playhouse can be easily kept back into the flat box for keeping
  • Good mileage on investment.
    Although on first look, the playhouse might seem expensive, but I find it provides a very good return on investment because of the endless fun it brought from assembling, coloring, playing, role playing, hiding etc. It's an healthy addiction, if any, as compared to electronic gadgets! What other ways can you engaged a child for hours without using an ipad or television?
  • Suitable for the young and old.
    At least for us, my 19 months old, 5 years old and Hubby and I had fun with the large pasture playhouse! 
  • Fun. 
    It's very fun, full of fun! I will elaborate more on the fun later.
  • Personalised.
    Just like a DIY playhouse, the cardboard playhouse will end up differently for every customers because we will all color it and play differently! It's truly a house of our own!
  • Perfect Indoor activity
    Especially during school holidays when all the children are at home 24/7! You do not have to worry about the weather too! 

I particularly like how this playhouse encourages Creativity. Basically, to me there is endless possibilities of playing with the house! It also encourages communication and cooperation, which are important skills to cultivate to the young children! 

Big Brother painting the roof of his house, which is in rainbow colors and we found out the order of the colors together

I am going to share with you, how we use the cardboard playhouse to learn through playing and have loads of FUN!
  1. I took the opportunity to teach about colors, colors mixing for painting and also introduce the rainbows and its colors make-up
  2. While giving the house its color, we were able to use and experience many different art supplies like markers, dot art pens, watercolor paint, acrylic paint, poster paint, chalkboard markers and chalk! This allows my boy to train his motor skills and also experience the differences in colors by using different art supplies.  
  3. I also printed and labeled areas of the playhouse such as roof, chimney, windows, door, planter, cat, mouse, pail etc, to aid in words recognition for my 5 years old. I will print and label the chinese versions soon too!
  4. We also made and put up signs within the house, like Exit sign, no mobile phones allowed sign etc. 
  5. We introduced and set rules for the playhouse! Such as no eating inside, No fighting in the house. Basically it's the rules that they do not listen to in my house, but they followed when it's within their playhouse! 
  6. We also understand each other better while assembling and coloring the house together. We talked about our favorite colors, and i also found out that my boy wanted to decorate the interior of his house by drawing a television inside. He also invited me to watch the zombie movie on his television inside his house! 

the beautiful rainbow rooftop that we completed together!
Of course the fun doesn't end after we finished coloring the house! I intend to do some Christmas decor with Big Brother and then blue tac them outside the playhouse! And as Big Brother pointed out to me, he would like to decor the interior of his playhouse too! This playhouse had opened an opportunity for role playing games and it's like a little haven for my children! I saw them going into the playhouse to play on their own!

i won't be able to forget this look on younger brother's face when he first saw the playhouse! he was amazed and happy!

The 19 months old little brother exploring the playhouse

I would highly recommend: 
  • If you are looking for presents to buy for the little ones, look no further! I can tell you that I will be super happy if my boys received this than any other gifts! The little ones will also think you are super cool!
  • If it's meant for more than one child, buy the large pasture house to accomodate them! 
  • If you have space constraints at home, then you can look into the little gingerbread house!
  • If you purchased the playhouse already, please please please don't restrict to using markers only. I swear you will not feel your hand anymore after coloring!


Great news! My Playhaus is currently having their year end Christmas Sale with 35% off and free delivery! That means even lower and attractive prices for their great playhouses! What's more, every purchase of the playhouse comes with a set of My First Crayola 8pc Washable Markers! Head on to http://myplayhaus.com! Also, if you are buying bove S$100, you can also use the discount code FRIENDS to get an additional 10% off! Don’t forget to like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/myplayhausSG for updates!


My Playhaus is also very generous to sponsor two playhouses, the little gingerbread house and the rocket playhouse, to giveaway on my blog for my readers to have fun this Christmas too! 

To participate in the giveaway, simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter app below! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For the sponsored gifts, only the playhouse itself will be given, the box of crayola markers that are given free with every purchase is not included.

Terms & Conditions
  • Contest is open to fans of My Playhaus and Miracule, who are also Singapore-based residents only. Winner should have a valid Singapore resident address for the prize to be delivered to.
  • Only one winner per household. 
  • Incomplete or invalid entries will be automatically disqualified without notice.
  • The first winner picked will win the Little Gingerbread House and the second winner picked will win the Rocket playhouse.
  • Contest starts on 4 Dec and ends on 14 Dec 2014 Nov at 2359pm
  • Winners will be announced on blog & facebook, and will be contacted via email 
  • This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. 
  • We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

More Information about My Playhaus

The owners at My Playhaus LLP (Singapore) love their kids. And they want to encourage all families to have fun together through meaningful and creative play. With their playhouses, the children are able to extend their creativity and imagination through decorating and role playing. At the same time, My Playhaus also want to be responsible to the environment and to their customers through the products that they sell. The playhouses are made from recycled materials and are safety tested. 

Disclaimer: We were gifted the Large Pasture House for review purposes. I am not obliged to do a blog post if I do not find the product beneficial. No other form of compensation was involved and all opinions and images are mine, unless otherwise stated.

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