Big Brother on the HeArt Journey Continued...

I believe most parents are the same as me right? When i was still pregnant with my eldest boy, I thought of the things I want to give to my son, about his primary school as well as what enrichments I would like to send him to in future and what skills and values I would like to impart to him etc.

Before Big Brother Kyle's arrival in this world, when he was still inside my womb, I had already envisioned that I will send him for Speech & Drama to build confidence and communication, Abacus training so that he can do lightning speed mental sums, Music lessons so that he can be a gentleman! But it's funny how plans changes.

Kyle is mildly autistic, and he has learning difficulties for he doesn't learn like typical children do. I never sent Kyle for any Speech & Drama, Abacus or music classes. It had never ever cross my mind before to send him for art classes and here we are, Kyle has just completed his second term learning art at HeArt Studio and we will continue for as long as he likes it!

If you are wondering how did we stumbled into Art, you can read about it here.

His first artwork "Cherry Blossoms" this term

So why did we finished the second term and still continuing?

I can see the transformation in my own child. After attending the art lessons with HeArt Studio, he:

  • is able to listen to and follow instructions more readily. I think parents with boys might be able to relate to me, my boy used to be running all over and doesn't listen & follow instructions
  • is able to sit down at desk for longer periods to do table top activities (not just at HeArt Studio, but at home with me too. Even his preschool form teacher noticed the positive changes in him!)
  • has develop an interests in drawing & art, which i feel it's a healthy hobby for him to relieve stress in future
  • has gain confidence! He is able to buy things on his own and also request for me to let him try many tasks on his own too. 
  • has definitely improved from his learning difficulties, for he is now able to copy words that I wrote or even copy the text from the preschool's whiteboard onto his own book which he previously had difficulty doing so.
  • is able to visualise step by step the tasks he needs to do.
  • is able to use shapes to help himself remember things better!
  • has improved greatly in his speech too. I noticed that he started telling me about things he learnt during his art lessons! He will questioned me if I know where can cherry blossom be found, how rain is form and where all the rain goes to, all about the lion, what do they eat etc. And of course he will tell me the answers to his questions, and all theses were learnt during his art lessons! 
  • has began opening up more, sometimes I heard him talking to his Art Teacher, Jay, telling Teacher Jay about his own preschools and the things that happened in his preschool!
  • is correcting his language. ;p This is my fault, i spoke Singlish to him and Teacher Jay heard him speaking in Singlish. He told him not to use Lah, Lo, Ma etc anymore and Kyle is consciously correcting himself and me everytime if we used Singlish!
  • is listening to me more. Thank you to Teacher Jay for after every art lesson, he will tell Kyle "Kyle, remember to listen to your mummy!"
  • can be easily pulled back to the main activity whenever he is distracted. We just need to count down from 5 to 1 and he will be back at the table. 
  • learnt various art techniques and is able to apply them back at home, such at background & foreground, choosing colors, using shapes in his drawings. He can also correct mistakes in his own painting! 

The second artwork was on "Raindrops"

I saw how my son became a happier child, who is very interested in drawings & paintings and has a new confidence to try new things.

His third artwork, the "Lion"

And for all theses, I would really like to extend my appreciation and thanks the team at HeArt Studio. I love how the teachers do not just focus on imparting art techniques & creativity to the children which every art school can easily do, but they took it one step further to take care of every child's inner development too!

Kyle's best buddy Teacher Jay

If you are keen to know more about HeArt Studio art classes, please visit them at or follow them on Facebook.

Heart Studio is located at 1 Charlton Lane #01-04 , Singapore 539631

They can be contacted via 
Tel: (65) 6554 7563 
Fax: (65) 6554 7562 

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