Which Teeth Do You Want to Keep?

"You Don't Have to Brush All Your Teeth, Just The Ones You Want to Keep"
- unknown author

I found the above quote from the internet two years ago, when Big Brother Kyle started asking (and arguing) with me about why we had to brush our teeth. Instead of arguing with him or demanding him to brush his own teeth, I always just tell him the above quote and this is a very powerful sentence, for it's very difficult for a child to decide which teeth he doesn't want to keep!

I introduced toothbrushing to my children as soon as they are able to sit and walk steadily. For my second born Little Brother Kyne, it's so much easier as he only started erupting his first tooth at 13 months old! Back when i only had one child, that is my elder boy, i introduced to him the finger brush, followed by the different types of brush heads for different months old, before he finally used a proper toothbrush at 2 years old!

Having had experiences with battling toothbrushing with my elder boy, when it's my younger boy's turn, i introduced to him the proper children's toothbrush that is exactly like an adult's toothbrush immediately. Totally unlike his Big Brother, I find that my second boy loves toothbrushing! It could also be due to him watching us brush our teeth and wants to copy what we are doing. We are now using Oral B Stages 1 toothbrush, which can be use from 4 months up to 24 months old! We no longer need to keep "upgrading" to the next stage toothbrush, which is really the perfect toothbrush for a busy stay home mom like me as I do not need to keep track with his growth and keep purchasing a next stage toothbrush like i did for his Big Brother.  The Oral B Stages 1 toothbrush has baby-soft bristles, a cushioned head to protect the tender gums and a non-slip handle.

Oral B Stages 1 toothbrush comes in a pack of two. The brush head is small and has cartoon grip for the little one's hand

Little Brother is always eager to brush his teeth, every morning he follows me into the toilet and indicates to me to bring his toothbrush down for him!

Little Brother is able to use the Oral B Stages 1 toothbrush
independently. He really loves brushing his teeth

For my five year old Big Brother Kyle, my toothbrushing journey with him is a lot more tough though. For one, he didn't love the toothbrushes i used to buy for him! Only until I started buying toothbrushes and toothpastes in his favorite superheroes cartoons then things became easier. However, with him I have another problem, that is no matter how long he brushes or how I brush for him, I can't help him to remove the plaque built-up! It really irritates the hell outta me, that sometimes i can't help myself but to use my finger to scratch his teeth to show him the plaque!

We were introduced to Oral B Stages Power, a battery powered electric toothbrush designed for children. The Oral-B Stages Power is for 5 years old and above, and it cleans really well! It has a rotating PowerHead™action that reaches, surrounds and cleans multiple surfaces for a thorough clean. The brush head has raised center row bristles to clean chewing surfaces better and longer interdental tips to clean in between teeth.

Kyle's Oral B Stages Power in © Disney/Pixar Cars characters design

The Stages Power toothbrush will vibrate three times in rhythm after powering on for two minutes, which is good because many dentists agree that proper brushing takes at least two minutes. Combined this with the Disney Magic Timer™ app by Oral-B, Big Brother Kyle is having so much fun during toothbrushing time!

He is so proud of his electric toothbrush and loves to use it together with the Disney Magic Timer™ app by Oral-B.
The picture above is not clear enough, but this toothbrush really cleans much more thoroughly and helps to remove his stubborn plaque!

With Oral B's fifty years of expertise, they truly know that kids' oral care needs change as they grow, so they have designed each and every Stages® toothbrush to meet the specific needs that our child's age and development demands; from 4 months until 8+ years old. Most adults today do not brush properly because they were not trained well when they were young. Oral-B Stages solves one of the most important issues for moms – getting kids to brush longer! Combine the Oral-B Stages Power electric toothbrush with the Disney Magic Timer™ app by Oral-B and you will be like me, loving how clean my child's teeth are and at the same time cultivating the good brushing habits to him!

For more information, you can visit the below websites:


Disclaimer: We were invited by OMY Singapore to trial the Oral-B products for review purposes. We were gifted Oral-B toothbrushes for my children to try. All images and opinions are my own, unless otherwise indicated.

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