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If you asked me to name what's the one thing that changed after I become a mom, among the lists of things, one very obvious change is my shopping habits! I started looking at brands and products that I have never ever paid any attention to, before I became a mom. Because no one is born with the knowledge to be a mother, I really appreciate the companies that go all out to make life easier for a new mom! And to name a particular brand that I love and trust like a best friend, it has to be Philips Avent! And, I am not the only one, many of my parent friends (yes, including the fathers!) actually swear by Philips Avent innovative products for how they made their life as a parent easier, regardless of a Stay Home Parent or Working Parent!

Five years ago, when I became a new mom, I didn't start off with a Philips Avent Breast Pump due to my own ignorance. However, I was saved by Philips Avent Natural Feeding bottles to help my boy from nipple and teats confusion. The Philips Avent milk and food storage systems helped me to make storing of my expressed breast milk easier, more economical as well as environmentally friendlier. I also used the same food storage system to store puree when weaning my babies! Philips Avent also has this super intelligent iQ bottle and food warmer which allows me to defrost and warm frozen breast milk to feed my baby quickly and their combined Steamer & Blender that can steam, flip, blend and serve truly made my life easier as a mother when i had to wean my babies!

we are now using the Philips Avent Storage System to store outgoing food items for lil brother!

After I had my second child, I got my hands on the Philips Avent Breastfeeding Support Kit and i wished I had converted to Philips Avent earlier! A complete breastfeeding support kit will help a new mom-to-be pick up breastfeeding more easily, save her the hassles of finding out what she requires and also allow her to concentrate on what is most important - her baby and her own well being.

Little Brother says Thanks on behalf of mommy!
He knows this set makes mommy very happy!

Recently, I was browsing through the Philips Avent website and saw their latest 4-in-1 electric steriliser comes with an integrated dishwasher basket for hassle free pre-cleaning and an advanced display with progress and cool-down indication! This will be so helpful for parents that stay on own without any help! This truly is a display of how Philips Avent keeps innovating!

Since 1984, Philips Avent has listened and learned to ensure that they continue to develop innovative products for moms and their babies, providing them with the most natural way to feed and giving their little ones the best start in life. They uncovered the tiniest things that has made the biggest difference, and developed a long series of ‘first’ products in the baby care and infant feeding categories in the past 30 years:
  • 1st feeding bottle with clinically proven anti-colic properties 
  • 1st electric steam sterilizer 
  • 1st single-handed breast pump 
  • 1st manual breast pump clinically proven to be as effective as electric breast pumps
  • 1st non-surgical treatment for inverted nipples 
  • 1st toddler cup to integrate with an entire feeding system, and this interchangeability is still an AVENT advantage 
  • 1st breast pump to imitate babies’ suckling action 
  • 1st electric breast pump designed to learn a mother’s natural pumping rhythm 
  • 1st electric breast pump helping mums express comfortably

This year, Philips Avent is celebrating their 30th Anniversary and they will be holding a roadshow at Vivocity from 12 to 16 November 2014, 10am to 10pm daily. Expect many special buys, free gifts with purchases and sure win lucky dips! There will also be fun activities for mothers and babies (children) at the event!

I will be there on 15 November, Saturday from 4.30 to 5.30pm! See you if you are going there on the same day and time! :)

Image Credit: Philips Avent

{{ Giveaway Contest }}

To celebrate Philips Avent 30 years heritage as the leading mother and child care brand, Philips Avent is holding a very generous giveaway via my blog!

One lucky reader will stand a chance to walk away with the following products (worth $517 in total):
1 x SCF870 Philips Avent steam and blend, $219
1 x FC7020 SteamPlus 2 in 1 Steam & Sweep Cleaner, $269
1 x FC8056 SteamPlus replacement microfiber pads & 1 Active calc filter, $29

Repost this image on your Instagram and tag @MiraculeT for additional chance to win

To participate in the contest, please follow the steps below:

1. Submit photos of your children using Philips Avent Products on Instagram
2. Explain in your description, what makes Philips Avent a mom's best friend
3. Tag @PhilipsSG along with the hashtags #MomsBestFriend and #MiraculetGiveaway for easy tracking

sample photo for ideas. i am sure you are more creative than me!

Note that the above steps are compulsory for joining the contest. Failing to follow any of the steps will disqualify your chance to win.

You can also do the following for additional chances to win:

* Share your instagram pictures to your Facebook account (set to public) and leave a comment in the blog post below to let me know your Facebook Name so that i can verify
Repost the above contest image on your instagram and tag @MiraculeT so that I can keep track

Giveaway Terms & Conditions:
  • This giveaway is for Singapore-based residents only
  • Winner can redeem the gift in person on Saturday 15 November at the event booth between 430 to 530pm (I will be there too! So we can meet up and say hi!) 
  • Contest starts 5 Nov 2014 and ends on 11 Nov at 2359pm
  • Winner will be announced on 12 Nov

For More Information

Website: http://www.philips.com.sg/c/about-philips-avent/36535/cat/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Philips.AVENT

Updated on 12 Nov:

Thank you all that have participated in this giveaway sponsored by Philips Avent, a lucky winner has emerged and the prizes go to @momto2c!

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