Writing : Fun Ways to Learning to Write

I have understand from the professionals that to help a child learn to write, we should also introduce the child to many types of writing tools and surfaces! 

I am sharing with you the fun ways that we are using to learn to write! I am happy to say that for the few months that i had been working with Big Brother, he had improved tremendously! The adults couldn't tell or believe that he wasn't able to write in the beginning of this year!

From my experience, the most fun way to write is using this!

After i failed miserably in getting my older son to write using the jumbo triangular pencils and crayons, I went online to purchase this Munchkin 5 piece bath crayon set!

This is one of my best purchase! I realised that when big brother is younger, bath time is always the best time to teach him anything! It's like learning through play. It's not a formal teaching environment (which turns him off) and stress-free. He is more willing to try and can absorb better. If your child can't sit still or sit for long, you might want to teach during bath time too. :) 

This crayon is really easy peasy for me to spend some time a day to teach my son to write alphabet and even learn simple spelling! And most importantly, it's so easy to clean it away!

Other fun ways that we use to learn to write are:


My mommy friends also recommended using chalk to write on concrete and then just splashed with water to remove it away. However, I can't do it at my narrow corridor and i am not brave enough to bring my children downstairs to do so. We just use chalk on our chalk board wall! Chalk is the least favorite to me though, as the hands get very dirtied and can easily stained our white walls, so more cleaning up to do!

Paint Brush

Painting is also another very good way to start little ones on writing, as painting requires very little strength on the small hand. It's more encouraging for little ones to start off with. :)


Whiteboard markers are very easy to hold for small hands. I bought 4 different colors and in no time, my boy became an artist on the whiteboard! I love to see his drawingsStanding to write on an upright surface is also easier than writing on a flat surface like writing in a book. 

Writing on an old Television

Yes, our brand new LCD Television broke! It's within warranty but the screen is not covered under warranty. To repair it will cost us a bomb but i couldn't bear to throw it away just like that. So i recycle it by upcycling it into a very expensive modern blackboard! We used chalkboard markers on the screen and wipe off using wet tissues! The chalkboard markers ink are very bright and colourful, we have white, blue, yellow, green and red! Big Brother finds it so interesting and fun! He loves doodling on this "blackboard" too! 

Dot a art

Just read about it here. :) Many times when I tried to get Big Brother to sit down with me to do something, and he refused because he doesn't like sitting down. Taking out a new writing tools works so well! Always try to alternate your materials to keep child interested. And in no time, you can help to train him to be able to sit down at the desk to do table work for longer periods. 


Every child, nope. I correct, every humans will love writing on sand! Going to the beach has a therapeutic effect on almost every one! Every time we see sand, Big Brother will automatically says he needs to do writing on the sand! Have fun from finding a suitable stick to writing, spelling and drawing! Beware of our tiny island's hot scorching sun though!

Tracing on Plastic Sheet

This is the easiest way to get a child to learn to write the alphabets, numbers or even chinese words! Always start by tracing (not root writing), then copying and then finally writing the word on his own! I always print out the text that I would like him to learn, convert them to outlines (you can do this in Microsoft Word) and then I will slot into plastic pockets like the one above! Trace with whiteboard markers and you can easily wipe it off to reuse!

Boogie Board

When the child is steady and start wasting a lot of papers on his drawings and doodling, I invested in a boogie board! This is very environmentally friendly with low carbon footprint! The only drawback is that you can save whatever you like permanently, unless I take a picture of it before he erase the picture away. :) 

Finger on colored sand

I bought the colored sand from Diaso, it's a big bottle and i only used about 1 fifth of it. Just pour into a flat tray (in my case, i used a big low box to minimise "spillage" and cleaning up) and the child can doodle all he wants on the sand with his finger! Simply shake gently and he can draw on a "fresh sheet" again. :) 

What other fun ways of writing do you know of?  

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