Play Safe with Poolzies + Giveaway

When Big Brother was younger, I seldom bring him for water play. I wasn't prepared to watch over him like a hawk, yet I did not want to see him suffer any possible cuts on his soles or watch him slip and fall, as he was a little clumsy as a toddler.

Few years later, I am glad I found a solution for the Little Brother! I found something that I really love and can gives me the peace of mind bringing both the brothers out to play!

Little Brother's Poolzies Pool Shoes in Alpha Marigold design.
The unique soles are made and imported from Toughtek USA.
The top part, made from Matt Nylon Lycra fabric is imported from Australia.
Made in the Philippines.

Recently, we were gifted with a pair of Poolzies Pool Shoes for Little Brother. Theses pool shoes are:
  • Durable, with a non-slip and abrasion resistant sole
  • Stretchable and can fit snugly around the child’s feet
  • Soft and flexible
  • Lightweight

Little Brother enjoys wearing them at home too.
It's funny how he keeps bringing them to me to ask me to put on for him!

Poolzies® Pool Shoes can:
  • Prevent slips, falls and cuts while protecting the child’s feet from hot surfaces
  • Prevent insects bites on soles or feet
  • Offer a UPF 50+ protection for the little feet from the sun
  • Allow the child to move effortlessly - walk, run, jump, hike and swim with the Pool Shoes without having to restrain his activities and energy levels
  • Allow parents to feel more secure while the child is enjoying his favorite water activity safely
  • Allow the child’s feet to breathe. They are very comfortable, you do not have to worry about your child like liking to wear it! 

No worries about him suffering cuts on the rough stones floors
or him koala bear hugging me because of the hot grounds

Especially for someone like me, a stay home mum with two very active boys, I had never bring them out for water play on my own before! I always find it's difficult to watch over my two active boys at the same time if they are both running amok! And i always have the phobia that one may slip and fall to suffer a cut somewhere and I will not be able to handle it from there...  (my phobias ok.. I am the paranoid type of mama. Safety is of utmost importance to me)

Little Brother with his pool shoes at Children's Gardens

So, recently, I brought the two boys out all on my own, to the Children's Garden at Gardens By the Bay! With Little Brother wearing the pool shoes, I had an easier time ja-gar-ing (watching over) two active boys at the same time at the water play area! I feel so at ease knowing that theses Poolzies Pool Shoes are protecting my little boy from slipping, falling or cutting his feets, and I can switched my eyesight from Big Brother (he is older so I am not afraid that he will hurt himself, but I have to watch over him as he is running amok and afraid that he might bump into little children around the water area) to Little Brother (will he fall? will he slipped? will he cut himself?) and from Little Brother to back to the Big Brother, to and fro.

See he is walking all around on all surfaces.
I didn't have to worry about his toes on the drains covers too!

I think the pool shoes are such great invention and idea! It really gave me the confidence to bring both my active boys out to water play areas at the same time. To think that on my first solo water play outing with my boys, I was actually quite relax and able to whip out my camera to take pictures of my boys even though they were playing at different areas!

Haha, I think the most amazing thing is,
I was actually able to take so many photos of both
my children because I had lesser to worry about!

Seriously, to me the pool shoes are not restricted to just pools or water play areas! We can use it just about anywhere! At home, during bathtimes, swimming pools, water play areas, beaches, sand pits, play gyms and any other locations you can think of!

Note: When we were at the water play area in the Children's Gardens of Gardens by the Bay, I was approached by the guards to remove Little Brother's "shoes", and they said "no shoes allowed". I explained to them that it's not his shoes but he was wearing special pool shoes to protect his feet and prevent him from slipping. They did not pursue further so we continued our fun. When i went back home, I had emailed Pia, the owner of Poolzies to check as i remembered seeing "no footwear" signs near swimming pools. She had replied me that Poolzies Pool shoes have been used in Singapore beaches, condominiums pools, shopping malls water play areas, Adventure Cove in Sentosa and other water parks. It was true that only at Gardens by the Bay, pool shoes were rejected and Poolzies are in the talks to the management there, so hopefully in the near future we won't be approached by the guards on duty again! :)  We also used the pool shoes at the hotel pools during our recent staycation with no problems at all. :)

Each pair of Poolzies Pool shoes are currently retailing at SGD35 at They have 10 designs available currently and you can find out the designs on the same link above.

Poolzies Pool Shoes comes in various designs and sizes from newborn to three years old!
Image from Poolzies website.

It's very easy to clean the Poolzies Pool Shoes too!
Image from Poolzies website

{Sharing is Loving Giveaway}

I really love the pool shoes on Little Brother so much that I hope to share this with my readers, and the owners at Poolzies are also very generous to agree to giveaway not ONE but TWO Poolzies Pool Shoes to two lucky babies from my blog!

To participate in this International giveaway, please follow the steps on the Rafflecopter app below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions:
- Giveaway is open to worldwide. You can win the prize if you have a valid mailing address
- Only one winner per household
- Giveaway will end at 2359pm on 26th October (singapore time)
- Winners will be announced on my facebook page and contacted via email.

More Information


Poolzies® was founded by Steve & Pia, an expat couple based in Singapore. Their idea for Poolzies® was seeded one very hot sunny day, while on a family holiday, at a water park with their 18 month old son, Aiden. The ground around the park was just too hot to walk on, especially for Aiden, so they popped into the shop to find some cooling gel and happened upon a pair of shoes designed for wearing around the pool and bought a pair. After that their little boy wore them every time he went to a swimming pool or water play. Within a few months they had worn out and needed a new pair but couldn't find any in Singapore or elsewhere in Asia and didn't really want to travel all the way back to their holiday location just for some shoes.

They had been noticing that whenever they went swimming, a lot of parents were asking them about Aiden’s pool shoes, hence their idea formed of turning it into a business. To be able to produce pool shoes using the best quality durable materials along with the comfort, versatility and convenience of knowing their children can use them until they grow out of them.

Being parents has changed Steve & Pia’s outlook and priorities in life. Parents value safety as the first priority in any activity and their pool shoes might be one of the answers to preventing kids slipping and falling accidents around pool areas, bathrooms, water parks, beaches and even indoor and outdoor play areas.

Both parents are strong advocates of pool safety and are now reaching out to local pool instructors, clubs and schools to encourage the use of anti slip footwear for young children.

Disclaimer: Little Brother was gifted a pair of Poolzies Pool Shoes for review purposes. I am not obliged to do a blog post if I do not find the product beneficial. No other form of compensation was involved and all opinions and images are mine, unless otherwise stated.

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