Learning Through Play Date #3

We had a week's break from the last play date as both babies took turns to catch the flu bug so we thought better to postpone the play date. So last week we finally met again at my house. When Baby Rainy arrived, I was happy to note that she warmed up quickly and we (me and baby Kyne) were not strangers to her anymore!

For below two years old, it's not easy to really know what will engage them, so we were still trying. This play date was prepared by me and i continued with what I feel interests them. ;p

Theme: Senses     Topics: See, Hear, Touch
Audience: 2 seventeen months old toddlers, Rainy and Little Brother Kyne

Our Informal Lesson Plan flowed as followed:

1. Good Morning Song 

2. Music & Exercise Time 

Because Little Brother likes the pop songs like his older brother, I have asked Mommy Cloudy what music does Baby Rainy likes and thus i played the songs "Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Wheels on Bus" and a Teochew song "自己人“ that was used during the Singapore Teochew Festival. It's very cute to see that Baby Rainy reacted the most to the teochew song. She can even sings it too! 

3. Music & Sounds Sensory Box

tadah! I presented to the little ones the music and sounds bin!

It's basically things that made sounds, such as clappers, mini drum, xylophone, etc. I showed them how each of them works and the sounds it produces. I also showed them how we can shake or beat the instruments individually in rhythm to the teochew song.  

the little ones having their go at the different items in the music and sounds bin

4. Black Eye Beans Sensory Bin

I took them to the table for this activity, so that it will not be too messy as well as i hoping that they can get use to table top activities. And this is one of the activity that the children are very attentive and into it themselves without us having to introduce or lead!

The black eye beans look like eyes with the black dot on the top of each bean. So senses wise, we manage to intrigue their eyesight with the "patterns" (brown beans with black dots), they also get to touch, shake, pick, pour, etc with the beans to help develop their motor skills.

I also showed them how when i used my hand to scoop up the beans and drop them back into the bin, it sounded like rain. 

When Rainy poured some beans onto the floor, i took the opportunity to ask them to help me pick them up to allow them to practice the pincer grasp as well as train them to start cleaning up after play. 

The children were quiet when they saw me poured the beans out, and very quickly they were playing with it by themselves. 

Little Brother enjoyed touching, picking and scooping the beans

5. Clear Blue Stones Sensory Bin

After they were done with the black eye beans, i introduced them to this small clear blue stones which are bigger to their hands. I had wanted to add in the colorful small and soft wools balls so there is a contrast but i had misplaced them. ;p 

I can only say the children loves sensory bins! Very quickly, they were able to play it on their own and is immersed with picking, scooping, touching, clapping two stones together etc. I told them the color blue as well as the stones are hard. 

I think they also learnt how to play together and sharing in the process

Rainy has the habit of pouring everything (regardless of what is in the bin or containers) over.
And whenever she starts lifting the container, little brother knows what she is going to do
and he will start crying! He is afraid and is something i can help to work on him. 

6. Dinosaurs Bin

I have so many dinosaurs at home, i took them all out to introduce to the little ones formally. Nope not the names of the dinosaurs lah! 

It's seeing the different sizes and colours, touching the different skin textures - rough, smooth, spiky, scaly etc. Introducing long necks, long tails and also, since little brother always put his finger into the dinosaur's mouth and said "Ouch!", we did it to show Rainy and she also followed suit. ;p

7. Creamy play

After the clean activities, i brought out my black tray and squeezed quite an amount of creamy diaper cream (moisturising type that do not leave behind a white residue cast) and showed them how i can use my fingers to play with the cream. 

Little brother has big issues with dirtying his hands! -_-||| But Rainy was able to enjoy! She knew to use her finger to "draw" with the cream. And the cream has a very nice smell too. 

I look forward to the next play date! Do you? 

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