Learning Through Play Date #2

After our very fun first play date, we had our second play date again last week and it was held at Mommy Cloudy's home and the date was planned by her!

One of the stuffs they experienced was Hot (warm) and Cold

We have sort of understand how to better engage the 17 months old and our "lesson plan" for the second playdate flowed as followed: 

1) Good Morning Song 

We started off with the "Good Morning" song sang by yours truly again. :) I am a bad singer, but I love to hear children sing and I believe if I repeat it weekly they will soon be singing it with me!

2) Warming Up

Mommy Cloudy's home is big and has a lot of fun corners. So it was difficult to ask the tiny toddlers not to go there but to listen to us. So, we just let them have their play and warm up to each other. 

3) Texture of Winter Clothings

We had thought this will be fun. But the children are not keen in this at all. They would rather play the toys at the play yard, or throw the clothings around. Or simply, just ignored while we adults were like silly people talking to each other about the texture of different clothings. It's ok! We have gotten them to touch a few different textiles! (note to self, children theses age seems to prefer playing around with things that can make sounds, they are not keen in soft items)

4) The Different Types of Grainy

The little ones were touching the grains of uncooked rice

Mommy cloudy is a very brave and courageous mom! For she very gamely took out small containers of uncooked Rice, Barley, Salt and Flour! She is also ok to the children playing with the rice and barley right in the living area! Baby Rainy loves pouring stuffs out and all over as usual and mommy cloudy is totally cool about it! Something that I got to learn! 

The children seems to be having fun with the rice grains

And then of course Baby Rainy poured the rice all over, she loves flipping the whole containers (regardless of big or small) over and have its contents spilled all over. And it's very cute how they started walking over the rice grains, and sat down to sweep them away from their feet! We can use our feet to feel textures too!

And then we brought them to the bathroom and give them containers of salt to feel. Very soon, i realised that Little Brother dislike theses textures. He doesn't want to touch them anymore!

Baby Rainy is having fun playing the salt while little brother watches. He is not keen to get his hands on the grains again. ;p

Next up, was flour. Baby Rainy is very adventurous and was playing the the floor and then pouring them again in the end. Little brother is only willing to watch. ;p

it's very cute how Baby Rainy takes to the rice and barley grains. She even rolls around and lies on them!

4) Temperature 

Next, we brought the children out to the balcony area and introduced them to three different bowls labeled hot (contains warm water), room temperature and cold. We have them dipped their hands into each bowl and you can tell that they prefers playing with ice!

Mommy Cloudy prepared three bowls of warm, room temperature and ice water. She also froze two ice packs, many ice and prepared a warm water bag!

because they like playing with ice, Mommy Cloudy took out another bowl filled with rice for them to play, the children love picking up the ice and throwing it at the walls!

they are also developing their motor skills by picking ice uh, isn't it?

5) Other texture 

We also squeezed the following onto the children's hands to let them feel, smell and touch : Kiddy toothpaste, beaded tea tree oil facial scrub and bath foam!

6) Water Play

We ended the playdate with water play! It's difficult to take pictures for the last two parts as our hands were also quite messy and wet by then. All i can say is, it's a good experience for the little ones, as well as for adults. If we never have this session, I think i wouldn't have found out that Little Brother dislike touching grainy stuffs. ;p

I am looking forward to the next play date which we will be holding at my house again. Hope this will inspire you to hold something similar for your little ones too. :)

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