Big Brother on the HeArt Journey

Let me show you something.

this is Kyle's drawings this year, just before he went to HeArt Studio. Look carefully at the faces and details

After he started going to HeArt Studio, his doodlings at home has evolved!

he started adding shapes to his drawings and his stickman figure started to have a body and more animated face

his ninja turtles with body and correct weapons all from his mind without looking

and he started drawing his favorite superheros. i find them super cute!

So, after he attended a school holiday art camp, he fell so in love with the teachers, place and art, that he kept pestering to go back to. He said "I need to go HeArt Studio to do art, you know?" And so we did! An something amazing happened to Kyle. :)

A term at HeArt Studio consists of 10 lessons of 1hr 15mins per lesson weekly. The children will use 3 weeks to do an art piece and the last 4 weeks to complete another art piece so for a term, we can expect to see 3 art works from the children. Why so many lessons and so few art works?

What I like is that the art lessons is a very systematic approach, to built the child's understanding of the art subject, to see the breakdown and also step by step to completion of the art work. It makes it very easy to understand and also a very complex artwork simplified. It builds the interests and confidence in the child!

Big Brother's first lesson was on Mouse. The teacher gave a very detailed introduction on mouse, in singular and plural, different types of mice, how they are useful to human etc. The teacher will also ask the child to see the shapes in drawing a mouse, and practise how to draw a mouse

second lesson was drawing and painting his own mouse. the colors he like for his mouse

third lesson was on the background, see i like how it consist of the background and floor and shadows! 

When i said something amazing had happened to Big Brother, I meant he had improved tremendously from where we were stucked for very long. It seems more effective than whatever therapies that i had been bringing him for!

All of sudden, he is able to copy words on his own now, which previously he can't. To get him to write previously, i always have to dot out the letters for him to trace over. What's even more amazing is that he is not only able to copy english words, he can now also copy chinese words for me!

He is also able to write better now, sometimes he even write some letters in small letters, which previously he only writes in Big Cap letters only.

He has been able to recognise words like Ikea, Giant and Courts (more like the logo) but whenever he see their delivery trucks he will be able to call out to me excitedly that he sees "ikea / giant / courts" truck! I took the opportunity and started teaching him chinese now. He is able to absorb and can start remembering and recognising chinese words too. Not a lot, I am doing it very slowly with him but it's a good happy start for me.

us painting at home

Also, suddenly after Big Brother started the art classes, he seems more ready now. I had been trying to teach him numbers, he knew 1 to 9 but he wouldn't accept 0, 10, 11 etc. He is very rigid. Numbers to him should only be single digit. He is able to understand concept better now, and finally is able to accept having two or more digits put together to form another number. He is able to recognise till 12 now and doing very simple additions within 10! :D

he said he wanted to draw the mermaid sticker on our photo frame and he did it together with me!

His drawings/doodling at home have changed, now he started using shapes and adding more details. If you enjoy looking at his drawings, you can follow us at Instagram @Miraculet, his drawings are tagged under #KylesDrawings.

Big Brother had definitely become more independent after starting his art classes, he started telling me "No! I will do it myself!" "Let me try!" "I want to do it myself!"

He is also definitely more confident and assertive of himself now. When i am teaching him new concepts, he no longer kept saying "I don't know how! I can't do it! Help me please!" Instead, he started saying "No! You do not tell me! Let me think myself!"

For once, when he can only sit down with me for only 15 minutes, he is now able to sit down with me up to 1.5 hours straight to cover English, Maths and Chinese! I only knew when i came out of the study and we had lost track of time! It's was happy learning together with no cryings from him!

he used to be easily distracted by little brother's presence, but now he can do this work even with little brother doing something else besides him

Lesson 4 was on Subject Toucan

Drawings of Toucan

Big Brother's second art work with HeArt Studio, a Toucan

And his third art work is Sunflowers! They actually learn about Vincent Van Gogh in class!

between the old place and new place, i actually like the new HeArt Studio better!

Big Brother has just started his second term with them, and i really look forward to seeing more of his art works!
If you are keen to know more about HeArt Studio art classes, please visit them at or follow them on Facebook.

Heart Studio is located at 1 Charlton Lane #01-04 , Singapore 539631

They can be contacted via
Tel: (65) 6554 7563
Fax: (65) 6554 7562

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