The Things He Said

There was one day we were running late, and so i wanted to take a shortcut by climbing up a small slope to McDonalds.

Me: Come! Today we climb up the small hill ok? Can you follow me?

K: ok Mummy! But we shouldn't walk on the grass you know? We will hurt the ants!

Me: why we shouldn't walk on the grass.. (was preoccupied with if we will be late for next appointment... then it suddenly dawned on me!) Oh yes!!! You are so right! We might step onto the ants! I like it that you are so kind! (looked at him admirably)

K: ok Mummy! You say Sorry! Next time we don't walk on the grass! Later we might hurt the ants!

My son, this little man who is turning five soon.. has the compassion for the ants! Thumbs up! 

Post by Miracule.

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