Review on Samsung NX3000 Smart Camera

This is for those who asked about my new camera. :)

I had been wanting to get a new camera for a long time, the gadget girl is still very much in me. Just that since I stopped working and have no more income, I had to put off any wants that I have. My children have become my priority.

But it's no harm buying something for myself once in a LONG while right? I am proud to say that I purchase the camera for myself with my own money! I had been saving up whatever negligible income I have from the freelance jobs that I did or things I sell away, so that I can buy a camera that I want! Sounds so pathetic, but well, it's an accomplishment of a Stay Home Mum! Who says a housewife have to all depend on her hubby??

So, for my new toy, I was looking for a camera with an interchangeable lens and must have wifi feature. Best if I can edit photos on the camera itself (which i later found out that Sony and Canon is not able to do that!) and even better if I can take selfies easily! I want to take many beautiful pictures of my children and also take pictures with them. I also want a pretty camera!

I had been researching for a while, and settle on Samsung NX3000 Smart Camera!

This camera 

  • is a beautiful vintage looking camera
  • is small and not heavy, can be placed into my small handbag!
  • comes with wifi to transfer images easily into mobile devices and laptop
  • the screen can flip up and allows me to take selfie really easily! And it's the same lens, so the picture quality of selfies is still very good!
  • allows editing of images after taking the photo and save it as a separate file on the camera! Editing includes cropping, color changing, beauty mode (like meitu xiu xiu) and etc
  • allows interchangeable lens (so i thought i can use it for very long!)
  • is very easy to use! it has manual settings, but it's auto mode is really good! 
  • supports micro SD memory card, which i have plenty at home
  • uses the same battery as the samsung mobile phones! it's so convenient if you own samsung mobile too! and it also means that if you want to buy extra batteries, it's not expensive!
  • comes with external flash which you can remove from the camera body
  • you can use it as a home monitor and view it from your mobile phone!
The only cons I can think of is:
  • The camera has no touch screen function (another model NX300 has touch screen option and at exactly the same functions as my NX3000 at an extra SGD200)
  • The lens cap can't add any string to connect to the camera body. I always have phobia of losing my lens cap!

i love this vintage looking camera, image from Samsung Website

Just to share some photos taken on the camera without any editing at all: 

on auto mode indoor, i love how it auto create the depth in the picture

on auto mode indoor, really easy to take pictures for children!

on auto mode indoor

on auto mode indoor, i so love the natural lighting taken by the camera

On auto mode outdoor

on sports mode to capture the quick actions of my elder boy!

on sports mode to capture the quick actions of my elder boy

close up shot taken during the national day parade

i so love love the colors of the pictures taken by the camera.

shot of building at east coast park

fireworks shot on night mode without tripod

buildings shot on night mode without tripod

sunset mode to capture the skies

nature shot at East Coast on auto mode

close up shot of flowers on auto mode! Not even macro mode! 

I am soooooooo in love with my camera! As I am usually out with my boys alone and the camera is not bulky or heavy, I had been bringing it out together with us more often to capture the beautiful memories. I had missed out too many moments for my younger son and i think it's not too take to make it up with beautiful pictures!

If you are keen to know, I had purchased my camera at Courts at SGD619, and it consists of:

  • Camera body with 16 to 50mm power zoom lens
  • External Flash
  • 8gb micro sd card
  • 1 x Extra battery (so total 2 batteries) and an external charger
  • 1 x  huge Samsung Carry case
  • 1 x Tripod
  • 1 x Dribox
  • A 200 voucher for lens purchase
After i purchased, I chanced upon Best Denki with the same promotion going at only SGD549! Best Denki also offers all the same freebies except without the Dribox, Tripod and the external charger. You can decide for yourself if theses are worth the extra SGD70 paid at Courts. 

Also, if you are keen to get the camera with two different zoom lens, Best Denki is also selling the bundle at a lot cheaper at SGD729! It's for the same camera with two lens kit! 

Sobz.. I had did very good homework on which camera to purchase, but I surely didn't do any homework on where to purchase. I had been very brainwashed by Court's best price guarantee advertisement! And with this experience, I promised myself to be more clever in future. ;p

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