What a crazy day in my life looks like

Lately, i started to feel that my days are getting crazier and I am getting more and more tired. I kept short circuiting and am becoming more and more short tempered. :( I even started telling Big Brother that "I am sorry, Mommy is getting crazy." To which, he actually repeated the same thing to me a few times! My boy is a reflection of me!

Thought to share how one of my crazy days looked like, which happened to be yesterday. (I would like to document it down too, so that I can remember how my stay at home days are like.)

The two boys were taking turns having nightmares on Sunday night (which technically is actually Monday wee hours), elder brother kept shouting and kicking everyone on bed, while little brother kept crying, both in their sleep. So i decided to just sleep in and not bring big brother to his preschool, given the disturbed sleep plus the long distance driving required later in the day. 

We woke up with urine leaked on to the bed and pillows, @.@|| so i changed and washed the beddings. Bathed the boys and gave them breakfast which was muffins that we baked the night before. :) I also cooked and packed lunch which was meant for little brother. Prior to going out, I had to help Big Brother packed his backpack of specific toys that he has to bring out and of course the water bottles for both of them. 

I then began the long distance drive to Jurong West for big brother's therapy sessions. The boys were so noisy in the car, both trying to get my attention, lousy me took the wrong exit on mandai road, went up the wrong expressway and got lost. I drove a big long detour to finally arrived at our destination running late. We only had very little time left for Big Brother and I to get our lunch. 

It was raining and i realized Hubby took away the rain cover which i installed onto the stroller last week. I quickly dug around in the car to find and install it with the two boys waiting for me, and also got paper cut by some silly golf papers that hubby collected and anyhow put in the car! I hurried them into McDonald's for our super quick lunch. And hurried over to the medical centre for Big Brother's therapy appointments.

Of course, feisty me called Hubby once, along the walk to the medical centre, so that I could grumble! Why he wanna be garung guni to collect papers in the car, and that HIS papers caused me to hurt my poor finger! Why he took away the rain cover? It's crazy trying to install the rain cover and cross the road in the rains with his two boys he knows? ; P hmm.... yupz.... This is not a good example, but haha, even a housewife need to call and grumbled about her life you know? Luckily hubby knows me, he knows i must be up to my neck, and so he didn't called me a crazy woman. ;p

As I didn't ate much and well, my gastric started acting up while in the therapy session with Big Brother. If you are wondering, during the speech therapy, I was inside together with Big Brother, and also feeding Little Brother his lunch. ;p

And at the same time, since i was also to sit down finally, I began thinking about my day...

Just for information, I had sat in with Big Brother for all his therapies, together with the Little Brother, since the little one was 4 months old. Little Brother is already 16 months old now! How many months of days like this have wheezed by? I had thought that things will be easier when the baby grows up, but boy, I am wrong! During the past months, the little baby was getting very active and sometimes disruptive! 

I think the good thing that came out of it is that I have learnt to manage both my boys at the same time. It's a little crazy at times, but it's manageable. And luckily for us, Big Brother is more manageable than before. I have picked up and improvised many strategies to deal with this very rigid boy of mine, we have little meltdowns and I know how to distract and encourage him. This half year of 2014 that had past, I have witnessed Big Brother had improved tremendously in many aspects. He had met many milestones within this half year itself!

After the therapy sessions were finally over at four plus, I started driving slowly to hubby's workplace to fetch him from work and go for dinner together. I drove slowly so that I do not have to wait too long below hubby's office and in hope that both boys will fall asleep so that I can have my peace. 

Do you know just in this crazy day alone, Big Brother had said to me three times at different moment that "Mommy, I love you." What more do i ask for? I am very grateful to have my boys. Everything will be worth it! I only pray for myself to be stronger and have even more patience so that I can be the mother they deserved and they can be happy boys. 

Boys, I love you too!

Side note to myself, 25th August is also the day we appear in The Newpaper!

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