The Childrens' First TCM Visit

Kyle started coughing when he was 6 months old, he caught a high fever from a family member and developed a cough that lasted 7 months! We brought him to see many paediatricians and taken Xrays to no avail, until we brought him to see an allergy specialist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Since then, Kyle is diagnosed to have an illness induced asthma condition (falling sick will trigger him to get asthmatic) and he has to start the blue (ventolin) and orange (flixotide) inhalers cycles whenever he starts coughing. The inhalers always help to control and Kyle usually don't cough more than a week since then.

However, in late September last year, 4 years old Kyle had started coughing again. Despite us using the inhalers and bringing him to the doctor & specialist again, his cough continued persistently for more than two months! Nothing works! He had completed few bottles of medications on top of the few times a day use of the inhalers! I was at my wits ends, until I received an invitation to bring my children to a Eu Yan Sang Clinic for a consultation, I thought to myself "Why not?"

Prior to this consultation, my only experiences with Eu Yan Sang was buying Bai Feng Wan and pre-packed herbal soup herbs on a regular basis. I have long heard about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) but had never bring my children to see one before. To be honest, I always had the impression that TCM always involved acupuncture and tuina. I also remembered from my childhood days that taking the herbal medication will be a real hassle to brew and my mom only brought me to TCM not more than 5 times.

And so, i brought my children to the Eu Yan Sang clinic located at Rivervale Mall in Sengkang. After seeing Kyle, the physician explained to me that there are many factors that contribute to cough and hence here are many different variants of cough (depending on the environmental, seasonal and individual condition).

She prescribed Kyle with seven days’ medicine that is customised to his specific cough and flu conditions. The medication was to help build up his body’s constitution so that his body can fight the flu virus better. She said that i can also continue to give to Kyle his western medication, but to give them to him two hours apart from the TCM.

She also shared that TCM is good for building up the body’s immune system and that all Eu Yan Sang's physicians pay extra attention to prescribe medicine that are more palatable to children, so Kyle shouldn't have a difficult time eating his medicine!

True enough, two days after we completed the TCM for Kyle, his cough stopped totally! One thing to note though, I am the more careful type of mom. I didn't gave Kyle any western medicine when he was taking the TCM. I only started the western medicine again after he completed the seven days of TCM. The western medicine was the same western medicine that i had been feeding to him for the past 2 months - Zyrtec and Bambec! In a way, I think TCM has strengthen Kyle's body and helped him recover very quickly from this episode of prolonged coughing!

After I brought both my children to Eu Yan Sang Clinic, the experience for us is an eye opener and totally changed my perception of Eu Yan Sang and TCM! I must say I am really impressed to find that Eu Yan Sang is a very professional and responsible company! I think that they are a leading and very modern TCM company. 

* The physicians are all Singapore registered and very qualified.
* They can even issue Medical Certificate (MC) for patients that require to produce MC to their workplace or schools!
* The packing for the Chinese medicine are very environmental friendly.
* The medicine does not require brewing. It's instant consumption and can be mix with other beverages like even Ribena!
* They even use oxo-biodegradable bags which will degrade in less than a year after reaching the landfill!

How not to be impressed??

Eu Yan Sang has many well renovated clinics located conveniently island-wide, with a set-up just like a normal western clinic.

They have more than 20 clinics located conveniently all over Singapore!

We went to the Eu Yan Sang Clinic at Rivervale Mall

The waiting area

They put up the profile of all the Physician for your reference!

The Senior TCM Physician whom we saw

They also have child friendly clinics which include a daily sanitised play area.

This is what they treat for children from infants to 12 years old:

  • Asthma
  • Cough
  • Ear-Nose-Throat diseases
  • Fever
  • Gastrointestinal conditions such as stomach ache, diarrhea, constipation
  • Musculo-skeletal conditions
  • Respiratory diseases such as the common cold, pneumonia and bronchitis
  • Stiff neck
  • Bedwetting
  • Dermatological conditions
  • Eye Condition
  • Flu
  • Headache
  • Night crying
  • Short-sightedness
  • Vomiting

This is a Child-Friendly Clinic!
See! This is another side of the waiting area!
There are small chairs and toys for the little ones to play with!
They even sterilized their toys everyday!

They even provide home delivery service for existing patients who require long term medication! 

I am really impressed! They offer home delivery for repeat medication as well!

I saw this notice and i am impressed. I had requested for urgent medical attention before at western doctors, but they do not have this policy in place. But at Eu Yan Sang, they have this policy to give priority consultation and treatment to patients requiring urgent medical attention! 

I am also impressed that they offer priority for patients who required urgent medical attention! 

They provide water and cups for patients! Also if you need to take medication immediately, you can! 

I think what's is also worth mentioning is that the Eu Yan Sang's medical fees are also very transparent! What i like most is that should you require herbal medication, they charge a flat rate per day regardless of what medications and how many times you require to take a day!

The consultation charges are very transparent and is prominently displayed

The senior physician Qi Xiao Yan doing consultation for Kyle

My Children's appointment cards

What impressed me more is that Eu Yan Sang is an environmental friendly business! They used oxo-biodegradable plastic bags! 

Lastly, what's worth mentioning is also that Eu Yan Sang's medication does not require any brewing! They are in fine powder format and packed by the dosage into individual packets for instant consumption. All i need to do is to tear and mix with some water (or even beverages including Ribena) to feed to Kyle. The 1st dose was difficult to feed because Kyle had never taken TCM before. I only mix the TCM with plain water so I think the medicine is not really very bitter as he could finish it. I gave Kyle a sweet immediately after he takes the TCM to reward him and subsequent feeds become real easy since he knew the routine.

The Medication for Kyle. I just need to give to him one packet twice a day for 7 days!

Disclaimer: We were invited by Rise and Shine to receive consultations service and medications from Eu Yan Sang Clinic for review purposes. This is a sponsored blog post by Rise and Shine, however all thoughts and opinions are my own, unless stated. 

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