Review on the Canon Selphy CP910 Photo Printer

I am a pretty traditional woman, my family is very very important to me, so my priorities were always set around my family. So is all the memories surrounding my family - my parents, my hubby, my grandparents, my children and etc. Thus i valued pictures very much. 

Somewhere in the early 2000's, digital cameras have made photo taking very very convenient and affordable per photo! Storage have also evolved around that time from floppy disks to zip drives to CD ROM to DVDs and now USBs and terabytes storage hard disks. You know what? I have also lost infinity amount of pictures every time a hard drive crashed or the media spoilt. SOBZ! 

So, recent years, I made it a point to either develop the pictures onto a photo books or into photos. Photobooks are more convenient because I can simply do it online. Occasionally, there are very good online deals for photo books too. 

For photo printing, I always ended up Whatsapping friends, checking with them where i can develope photos at good quality (not those instant print service, i tried once and it really sucks!) and best price. Do you notice that there are not many photo service shops around nowadays? 

I am happy to get my hands on the Canon Selphy CP910 for trial and review purpose! 

In a gist, this Selphy CP910 allows:
  • Printing wirelessly directly from mobile phones or laptop without a router or access point
  • Printing direct by inserting memory card onto printer
  • Selection of print finishes, between glossy and two other patterned finishing
  • Viewing of photos & editing on the 2.7" screen
  • Printing labels of various sizes: card size squared labels, credit card size, 8 mini stickers in one
  • Printing photos of various sizes: credit card size, 4R, postcards
  • Printing of Passport Size photos at a push of button
  • Using of the new RP Series consumables, which is more affordable and can print more photos using a single ink cassette
  • A wide variety of types of paper to choose from

Setup of the photo printer is not difficult at all. If you print from your mobile phones, you will only need to download the Canon's Easy-PhotoPrint app on your Android, iOS, or Windows RT device. For printing via a computer, installation of the driver is required.

The printer can be connected to your access point (AP) at home wirelessly. I was able to use the buttons on the printer to maneuver the onscreen (not touchscreen) keyboard to set my AP details. :) 

easy to access keyboard

joining the AP at home

I also tried printing wirelessly from my Samsung Android phones, as well as our iphones and even Hubby's HTC with no problem at all!

transmission of photo and printing is a little slow, especially if you are printing many photos at one go

But photo quality is good for an instant print photo!

I purchased some photo paper on my own as I really need to print out many precious photos before this current Hard Disk is giving up on me. 

I got a good deal purchasing the KP108IN Photo Paper from Qoo10! This stack contains 108 photos!

Sharing some of the photos that I printed using the Canon Selphy CP910:

4R Photos, pictures taken using the Canon Powershot N100

Precious photos of my babies!

Photos of family

4R photos printed from the mobile phone. We edited the image on the phone before printed and I so love the printout of them!

more photos printed, taken from our mobile phones

square size card label! i printed all the photos i love from my instagram account and added a small border option!

Printing photos with the Canon Selphy CP910 is really convenient and cheap. With the good price of the paper I got from Qoo10, each photo came up to about 30 cents only. And I can print at my own time, with no rush to consolidate them into a thumbdrive to bring to a photo shop. Better still, I saved a lot of time from designing photo books from this batch of photos! I always spent very long making one photo book! 

But, I only have one complain though! When i purchase the photo papers, the instructions given wasn't very clear on how I am suppose to insert them into the cartridge. (I am super bad at this for all my printers). With luck, all my photos were inserted correctly, except for the square size card labels! I have wasted total of 3 of such labels just to get it right before I can print and of course my heart bleed a little on the wastage. Money is small, the trees and possibility of having three more beautiful pictures is what pained me. :( 

the three square labels that were wasted!

If you are interested, you can go to for more information. The Canon Selphy CP 910 is currently retailing at SGD179 and you can purchase it from the shops listed here.

Disclaimer: I was loaned a unit of Canon Selphy CP910 for a period of one week for trial and review purposes. No compensation was involved. All opinions and images are taken by me. :)

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