Our Journey with HeArt Studio + Giveaway

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." 
- Pablo Picasso

I strongly believe in the above quote. For when i was young like Kyle, i drew very well. I even won in the various art competitions that I joined, all of which I initiated for the registration for the competition myself! I will be sitting down quietly and draw & draw, then I will run to my mother and show her my drawings. Before you go Wah!!! I am sorry, but I cannot draw at all now. My drawings got uglier as I aged. I cannot imagine or visualise when it comes to drawing. And thus, I am no longer an artist.  :(

Since I become a Stay home mom and tried to do some home learning with Kyle. I noticed that he could never sit down with me to do anything, except for painting. He wasn't able to grip pencils or crayons well then, but he loves holding a paintbrush to paint. We just painted and painted and painted at home, at free will. I know he loves art but I have no idea how to teach him at all. Plus Kyle is an Asperger, he understands things very differently from other children, so we really need to have a lot of patience to guide him.

I have been thinking for very long to send Kyle for art training, but I am not sure how will Kyle's reaction be like. There are also not many art trial classes available that I can bring Kyle to try and I wasn't keen to sign Kyle up for a term at anywhere, only to realised that he doesn't want to go again after one lesson. Prior to this, I had read many mummys' review on HeArt Studio and I was so happy when I won a holiday Art Class with them!

March Holiday 2014 Art Camp - Cakes (Clay Modeling Class)

HeArt Studio was located at Thomson Road then. The class was a 2.5 hours of clay cake modeling workshop and initially, Kyle wouldn't enter the classroom because he doesn't want to put on the apron! I informed the teacher (Teacher Elma) that it's ok if he doesn't wear the apron and I am ok if he dirtied his clothes and that Kyle has mild autism, she can give me a call to pick him up if they are not able to handle him. And yes, while i was pacing up and down the Thomson Shopping Centre waiting for the call from HeArt Studio, Kyle surprised me by attending the full class with not much issues!

I went back to the studio and was very very happy to see his art work - the clay cake! I was very worried initially because I thought he wouldn't touch the clay at all. I didn't know how Teacher Elma managed to convince him, but it's a milestone for us after all! And yes, he stained his favorite brand new Tshirt with non washable paint, but it's totally ok! The experience for him is more important to me!

While we were at HeArt Studio for the free art class, I was never approached by any staffs at all, to ask me to sign Kyle up for art classes with them. In fact I wasn't even sure how much it was per term! I asked Kyle then if he would like to go back to HeArt Studio to learn art, and he replied me no! it's obvious he doesn't like clay modeling, so we left at that. I still wasn't sure if he truly loves art.

June Holiday 2014 Art Camp - Safari Animals (4 days)

Few months later, in June, I half heartedly try my luck in a giveaway and I won the 4 days Safari Animals art camp with HeArt Studio again! They have also moved to a much more convenient location - Kovan, and is near to the Kovan MRT Station.

When i brought Kyle there to meet Teacher Elma, I told her again that Kyle may not be able to sit through, please call me anytime if she needs me. With that, I waited with Baby Kyne nearby, waiting anxiously for the phone call which never came! :)

Teacher Elma and Kyle surprised me, when I saw his first artwork which was the horse! I was very shocked and to be honest, I was really skeptical if Kyle really did it on his own! It looked way complicated than what we did at home! I wanted Kyle to learn Art by exploring and extending his creativity and imagination, he never drew something like this before so it felt like maybe the teacher helped Kyle did it?

The next day I couldn't contained my curiosity. I went in very very discreetly to peek at Kyle, as well as i spoke with other parents there. Kyle really did the artwork all by himself under the instructions of the teacher. Later, Teacher Elma also explained to me how she got Kyle to work on the art piece step by step. All the children chose their own animals they would like to draw and they decide their own colors! You can see other children's artwork here, and it's very obvious that every children did their own artwork cos no two pictures are similar! The children are allowed to draw a pink horse or elephant with red ears too! The teacher also guided them on how to choose a good background colour.

That's also how i realised another interesting fact of an Asperger - that Kyle is very rigid with little room for imagination! His drawings are the most prim and proper with colours closest to real life too! Try asking him if a zebra can have blue stripes! ;p

I can tell Kyle enjoyed himself totally with the teachers! Teacher Elma also shared with me two things that made me very happy! 

1) She said that during break time, Kyle actually sang and danced for the children! 

2) She is surprised when I told her that Kyle has weak motor skills and he only started writing beginning of this year with a pencil. She said he can hold and control the paint brush very well!

I feel amazed that Kyle is able to open up with the folks at HeArt Studio. What is even more important is that I felt the 4 days art camp unlocked something within Kyle. He has become very happy and also displayed confident to attend to other tasks. I can tell that he is very proud of his own works. (just see his grin above with his own 4 safari animals!)

At the end of the first day of the Art Camp, Kyle asked to go back tomorrow because he "needs to draw zebra tomorrow", and every day he will remind me that he "needs to go HeArt Studio to do drawing". So can you imagine how sad he was after the camp was over?  

So after two weeks of nagging from Kyle and countless discussion with the Hubby plus financial planning on my side, I was going to sign Kyle up for formal art classes with HeArt Studio when at the same time they provided me with the opportunity to review their art class too! Kyle is indeed special, he is very blessed! Kyle is finishing a term with HeArt Studio and i will share what i observe in another blog post!

For now, we would like to pass the blessing forward and share good things with you!

The september school holidays are coming and HeArt Studio is holding Holidays Art Classes again! 

click here for more information

I have signed Kyle up for three holiday classes: Lego Marvel Hero, Transformers and Ninja Turtles! 

click here for more information

Each holiday class is at S$75 per session for 2.5hrs. 

Early Bird Promotion

Early bird gets 10% off
(or 15% off if you select 3 or more sessions). 
Early bird ends 24 Aug 14 so book your slots quickly!

Giveaway (Canvas Painting)

The Children will learn how to paint their all-time favorite characters in Dino Train at the same time they will also learn to blend colors and understand the color values in BLOOM: Contrasting and complementary colors. This painting program will open a window of experience for the student to try out canvas painting to the many different interesting subject matters that have been chosen for the class. 

Dino Train 30cm by 40cm
Dino Train x 1 give away for
11th September 2014 1.30-4pm

Bloom 30cm by 40cm
 Bloom x 1 give away for
12th September 2014 4.30-7pm

Do note the Terms and Conditions for the Giveaway: 
  • Please join only if you can make it for either class.
  • The first winner drawn will win the Dino Train class and the second winner drawn will win the Bloom class.
  • One winner per household. 
  • Entries that do not fulfill the requirements stated will be disqualified without notice. 
  • The child has to be at least 3 years and above, based on the month and year of birth. 
  • No repeat winners are allowed. 
  • Winners will be notified by email, through the email address provided. 
  • Winners must confirm by reply email or phone call, within three days. Otherwise, a new winner will be picked. 
  • No changing of date or time is allowed. 
  • No Existing Customers allowed. 
  • This giveaway is open to Singapore residents only.
  • Giveaway ends on 24th Aug 2014, Sunday, at 1159pm.
To Participate in the giveaway, please follow the instructions on the app below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information about HeArt Studio, please go to http://www.heartstudiosg.com/.

You may like to follow them at their Facebook Page for more updates. 

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