The Things He Said

We were waiting for Daddy to come home to go out for dinner together, Kyle was hungry & he requested me to help him call his Daddy, so i made the call on speaker mode and the hubby picked up the phone..

Kyle: Daddy are you coming soon? I want eat pasta mania!

Hubby: ok... You feeling all right now? Your tummy ok? (cos Kyle vomited twice two days before)

Kyle: Ya lo.... (look at the dummy clock that i bought to teach him time) The timer is squeaking!

Hubby: Huh??!

Kyle: timer is squeaking! You gotta come home fast!

I was rolling off floor laughing in the background. Probably only another parent with an asperger's will understand what this is funny! :D My boy is so cute!

Of course I have to explain to Hubby that Kyle was very hungry and is asking him to come home quickly. ;p

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