Kyle's Chinese Learning Journey & Free Printable Chinese Flashcards Part II

Time really flies and Kyle has already completed two terms with KidStartNow! He had just started his third term with them last week (each term contains 12 lessons).

I must say the the team at KidStartNow really puts a lot of effort into writing and creating their ebook for to incorporate into their lessons, to make it lively and interesting, as well as include important values to be imparted on top of any new chinese keywords introduced.

For example, they had especially created two ebooks to teach meaningful values related to mother's day. But, that's not all! In a recent class, they created an ebook which aims to teach the children the importance of listening to others and not talking over them! (You can click on link to watch snippets of this ebook). Pirate Panda was drenched by rain and shrinked. His friends tried to help him without listening to him explain. That class also covered the weather theme and included easy to sing chinese songs about the weather. Kyle came home and kept singing "下雨啦!下雨啦!雨下得越来越大!太阳啊!太阳啊!你今天为什么没上班?"

Out of curiosity, i google to find the whole song, and i found it on youtube! Just to share with you this catchy song about rain that i am sure your child will love too!

For the new term 3, Kidstartnow's ebooks will continue to unfold the story of how Jie Jie and his friends recover the lost gems and introducing other themes like vegetables and etc. 

As a parent, I also greatly appreciate that every student was given an account to login to view all ebooks for revision. To encourage the children to revise at home, Kidstartnow is able to track if the child has login to view the ebooks and stars are awarded to those who did.

easy to navigate portal for the children to access all ebooks taught in class

Kidstartnow team is very flexible and open to parent's feedback and suggestion and tweaked the portal so that it's more intuitive and easy to navigate for the little ones. Parents also has the option to select or opt out of the English subtitles!

latest ebook

They have also implemented a simple quiz system recently to find out if the children understand the keywords taught in class. The results of the quizzes are automatically sent to the teacher as feedback so she knows which words each student is weak at, and can revise in class and focus on students' weaknesses!

Highlight on lesson keywords and children can click on the exclamation mark to head to quiz

Since Kyle has been with KidStartNow for two terms now, I thought to share with you what I really like about them: 

  • They are not a franchise business. That gives them total control of their curriculum! I feel that the KidStartNow team are very genuine and passionate about helping the little children to love Chinese! They also also flexible and open to parents suggestions in writing ebooks. 
  • They do not hard sell at all. They also provide trial class. Just contact them for more information if you are keen. :)
  • They keep class size small, so the teacher is able to give every child attention. Every child will also has enough time and opportunity to participate and try to speak more mandarin. For example a new keyword, the teacher will ask each and every child one by one to repeat the word after her. :) 
  • There is absolutely no materials to buy and no subscription to pay
  • There is no homework except for the child to go through the ebooks again at home
  • They incorporate technology into classroom activities, which primary and secondary schools are doing so now too.

I would say KidStartNow is different from other Chinese Enrichment Centres, their focus is really to help the english speaking children love Chinese as an language, as well as using chinese in a very lively & modern way to instill important values like respect, forgiveness, politeness, patience etc to the children. That is very, very important to me, if a child has the love for the language, a good foundation will follows. Also, I strongly believe in teaching my child to be a morally good and upright person, academics is second. 

Remember the printable Chinese flash cards I did for term one? Here comes the printables for term two! Please feel free to click on link below to save and print them for your own use. You can share with your family and friends too. :)

Printable Chinese Words Mini Cards Part Two 

You can click on here for suggestions on how to use them. I realised that as I built the list and cards over time, we can actually use the cards to do 造句. All the words can be jumbled up to form many sentences, so i foresee i can use them for very long! :)

Hope you enjoy the cards and do share with me if you have other good ideas for using them! 

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