Vaby is for Victory Baby and Vaby Box is...

Remember that I posted an image on my Instagram and Facebook that something exciting is brewing and will be reveal soon?

Well here is it! Vaby Box by Vaby!

First in Singapore, Vaby Box is a surprise mummy & baby (from 0 to 7 years old) sample box delivered to your home every month, containing relevant sample-sized items and discount vouchers that allow parents to try new and interesting products and services. You will not know what you will be receiving, thus there is this exciting and surprising element for parents!

There are two sizes of Vaby boxes, depending on the size of the samples received! (image provided by Vaby)

The Vaby Box will be customized according to each member’s profile. Vaby members are able to create and update both their profile and their children’s profile, where Vaby will be able to identify relevant product samples for parents and their children to try. Should you like what they offered in the Vaby Box, the full-sized products are also available in the Vaby Shop for purchase.

This sample box concept is extremely useful for parents, especially when we are considering to try a new product that comes in big quantities/size, such as diapers or baby powder. There may also be services such as photo shoot sessions and grooming workshops, discount vouchers and special rate packages in the Vaby Box too! Occasionally, subscribers can look forward to special month editions of the Vaby Box, where sample items are special or limited edition, packed specifically for the occasion such as a Mother’s Day box or a Christmas Edition box!

You are invited to the Official Launch Party of Vaby Box! 

image provided by Vaby

Vaby is going to hold its official launch on 28 June 2014 and you are invited to join in the party and receive your first Vaby Box FREE*! 

All you need to do is to sign up as Vaby's member (signing up is free!)

Members will be invited to attend the official launch at The Playhouse (located at 7 Rochester Park), happening on the 28th June 2014, between 2 to 4pm. 

To received your free Vaby Box at the launch event, you will have to like Vaby's Facebook Page and when you attend the official launch party, you will get to bring home your free Vaby Box (one box for each member)! You can bring your family along to the party too! Do hurry as there is a limit to the number of members to be invited. Expect to enjoy light bite snacks, lotsa fun and a chance to win at Lucky Draws, all while your little ones get to play at the play areas of The Playhouse!

That's not all! Continue to follow my blog for there will be Vaby giveaways soon!

For more information, please visit their website at and do follow them on Facebook to be kept updated! And if you have any questions, please email them to

Disclaimer: I was invited to a pre-launch event at The Playhouse. I received two sets of good quality children's apparel for my boys and was compensated for transportation. All images and opinions are mine, unless otherwise stated.
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